Quick update #3:

I’m about yarn shopped out. I know, it’s sacriledge. But after going to 4 LYSs and only wanting to actually buy anything at one, I’m not sure I want to bother to try any more. And I haven’t even hit VA yet!

Yesterday we took a quick trip to Bethesda (I swear there was only one Bethesda when I “Googled” it — pre-Google — and now many other states appear to have one. But I still believe The Simpsons’ episode was talking about “our” Bethesda.) because I needed a charger for my iPod Nano and they have an Apple Store. For a long and drawn out summary of that debacle, see my review at Judy’s Book. Suffice it to say that afterwards we went to visit Knit & Stitch = Bliss, which is about 2 blocks away.

I was first presented with approximately 20 stairs and my one baby stroller. So I had to take IM out of the stroller and leave the stroller outside. Not a good start. Then I had to take three kids into a yarn store with about 20 steps up. The store was pretty nice, and I would have liked it more if I hadn’t had to climb all those stairs, with a baby, and leave my stroller outside. And they have Koigu. But it was too difficult with the kids, so we left.

Today IM and I drove out to Columbia. About 10 minutes into the trip (after getting $65 worth of gas at the “inexpensive” price of 2.99 a gallon for my rented minivan. Gasp!) I realized that I had left the coupons at home! So we drove on, even though I had also forgotten the address and directions.

I guessed and found All About Yarn not with not too much difficulty. First I saw the back of it with piles of yarn, so then I just had to backtrack. It’s in an office park. A very strange location. The store was nice, IM slept the entire time in the stroller, and I got a chance to see many Claudia Handpaints in person, but nothing jumped out at me. So again I’m yarnless and bored. Is it bad that you’re thinking about going to A.C. Moore just to buy some yarn?

I hope to have time to make it to one or two VA yarn stores next week, but we’ll see. I may have to just wait until I can get to Imagiknit in a few weeks.

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