Quick update … Since I arrived in New York last Saturday night (and drove down to Maryland) I finished two socks (to be fair, I only had to kitchener one of them) and have been working on two others. I’m on the second sock of one and first of another (my red Kool-Ade sock yarn). I still have to cast on for the second socks of two other pairs.

Yesterday we went up to Baltimore to the Maryland Science Center and I made a little detour to A Good Yarn. It is tiny. It was about the size of my rented minivan, with another minivan in the back for classes. The person in the back was friendly and helped me when I asked if they had anything “local-ie” since BR and the kids were in the car. They didn’t have anything red that was “local-ie”, and actually their very sparse selection was comprised of mostly Manos yarns. I like Manos, but not as my only selection. I ended up buying one skein of Catalina Alpaca/Cotton because I felt like I should buy something because of all the service I was getting, but after I left I had serious buyers remorse. I can’t believe I broke my yarn diet for this!

I hope I’ll make it to some more LYS before I head back to the West Coast, but so far the kids have been crazy and it’s hard to get away.

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