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Look what Brianne made for me!:

The colors are actually darker than in my photo (what is it with my camera?), but look at all that yarn! And a gorgeous bag and some Kid Silk Haze – now I can see why everyone calls it “Crack Silk Haze”! Thanks, Brianne!

That was the best part of my day. I spent the rest of the day attempting to dye two skeins of yarn with Wilton dyes. I had some crazy idea that there wasn’t enough for socks with one skein, so I would dye both together (and waste them both). The yellow came out gorgeous, but the red and burgundy did not work out. Then I spent more time trying to redye it all burgundy, and ended up not getting the color to set. Gallons (not literally) of vinegar later, it’s not looking good. And I’ve probably felted the yarn. We’ll see when it dries tomorrow.



So I’m starting to have the problem that many knitters have (not me, usually since we don’t have the money to travel yet — but we will someday). In about 2 weeks I’m going to New York, then onto Maryland for 2 weeks. Here are my dilemmas:

1) which yarn stores to go to?

I’m not sure how much time I’ll have for shopping in NYC since we’re coming in on Saturday around midnight (okay, Sunday), then probably driving to MD on Monday. I considered Habu, Schoolhouse and Seaport but I don’t know which is worth trying to get to. We have some amazing LYSs here in the Bay Area, so I don’t necessarily need to see something I can get at home.

I suppose that in 2 weeks I can get to at least the Montgomery County yarn stores, but is there anywhere else I should try and get to? I’ll probably be in D.C. for the museums and Northern Virginia to visit my ex-coworkers. So many shops, so little time (and three kids in tow …)

2) what to bring?

As my mom always says, “We’re not going to a developing country …” but I still don’t know how much yarn to bring, which needles, etc. I suppose I could bring all my sock WIPs but I would be so bored with socks by then, I’m sure. I’ve also got Blackberry OTN but it will be summer in the East Coast so probably I won’t want to work on a bulky weight bolero.




BR is complaining because he got a new game today and I took over his computer. I swear I’m working! Can I help it if I just discovered html colors, and wanted to see if I could change it here? Due to a typo, I got this gorgeous color, which in my poorly lit dining room matches my banner. What do you think?

Just looking at those html colors (and reading Scout’s blog has really motivated me on the dyeing front. Maybe when I finish my assignment (a set of web pages and report on how it is customized to the audience) that’s due tomorrow, I can do more dyeing! I went to Michael’s today and got more Wilton colors, so I’m set …



I swear I didn’t buy any more yarn, but those balls are like rabbits, and they keep mulitplying!

Actually, my MIL just got back from Italy and they brought this back for me. I even got photos of the shop and the shop owner!

In other knitting news, we went to the Cliff House for brunch today and of course had to visit the gift shop. (OR was outside going “I want to go in there and buy toys.” He didn’t know the name, but he knew the toys!) They still have their *$60* novelty yarn garter/drop stitch scarves! San Francisco can be cold and windy, but do you really need to drop $60 on a novelty yarn scarf to keep away the cold? I think I’m going to make my MIL a similar scarf (for probably $10 or less) as a thank you and in memory of the scarves we always see at the gift shop.

Speaking of shopping how does this sound to you: knitting while shopping? How about this: sock knitting while shopping? Sock knitting while shoe shopping? Whatever your pleasure, I got to do some of it yesterday!



Remember way back when (what, a week? two weeks ago?) when I was all socked out? Well, I’ve gone from that to this:

That’s my Neon Lights socks (oh boy is this Regia yarn scratchy to knit with but it was so cheap at Little Knits, and the colors — they don’t call it “Crazy Colors” for nothing), surrounded by their older sibling my Mountain Colors Bearfoot socks and their younger sibling my other Regia socks. (Yes, I am German.)

In my defense I don’t think I’ll be getting back to my socks from Knit Socks! anytime soon, and I gave up on my Raglan Tansy Tee this week. (And started and gave up on another sweater.) Sure, gauge is necessary, but I’m lazy. And for some reason I started the wrong size sweater. I dragged this thing to Portland even! I did frog what I could but the Filatura di Crosa Clips doesn’t want to be frogged.

So I’m down to I think three non-sock projects, Blackberry and two sweaters I’ve been designing for months now.

And what’s this?

Yes, my Wool 2 Dye 4 yarn got here today! That’s a huge hank of Henry’s Attic Kona Superwash and another of their own Supersock. Like I needed more sock yarn.



All week I’ve been “working” on my last three assignments. The first one due tomorrow is to create a design document for an online game. Last night BR saw me on the computer and goes “Isn’t it lucky that your project is on yarn?” (Because I was busy entering some pictures …) I wish it was. I’ve been avoiding doing actual work, and here it is, the last minute!

Meanwhile, I was all socked out when online magazine #2 pissed me off a couple of weeks ago. I submitted a sock pattern and *then* they said that they were full for smaller patterns until next year. Isn’t that something they could have mentioned before they asked for an entire pattern in their submission format? Anyway, while working on this assignment I gave in and started yet another pair of socks!

I was just sitting here doing readings on SafariU and sock yarn and needles were the only things I could reach without having to leave my chair. Regia doesn’t call it “Crazy Colors” for nothing — and I don’t think the pattern I’m making up is working well with this self striping yarn but I’m too lazy to start over or at least give up the pattern. So extra crazy colors it is.



It’s done! Presenting my Preppy(tm) yarn:

I really hope my Dye-O-Rama pal likes it — I love this and would use it myself if I didn’t have someone to send it to!

I think the colors are reminiscent of those innocent times of the early ’80s, when men weren’t afraid to eat quiche and wear pink Izod shirts. (With the collars turned up, of course.)


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