I’m not just buying yarn these days.

I love Elsebeth Lavold’s Viking Knits so much! Now if I only had some knitting time for me! I stopped by my LYS today to give her a progress report since I had said I would finish my shawl by tomorrow, but of course I’m barely halfway done. I really need to get it done now, since she has other projects in the wings, and it sounds like she has lots of sample knitters right now, some even across the country, so I’d better make sure I get some of the work! Apparently someone let the cat out of the bag and told her “You’re going to pay us? We’d do it for free!” Sure, maybe we would, but we’d love to get paid! Or paid in yarn?! Or a discount? Anyway, I’d better make sure there are still jobs to be had.

I also forgot to show you what my mom got me for Christmas (my sister works for Amazon so we get lots of presents from there — not discounted, though):

If only I had the time to read! I like to say that I’m a librarian — we don’t have time to read! Luckily once my test is over tomorrow I’ll have more time. My class this semester is pretty tame I think, it’s aesthetics of web design. Second to last class, and then I can no longer call myself a grad student. However, if I were to get the job I am applying for maybe I could take some classes there? (It’s a local university.)


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