I have way more yarn than I could probably ever use. I tried to organize enough to find out how much more black Micro Spun I have and alas I think I only have one more — is 3 balls enough for a sweater 😉 ? However, I put together my bags that were sitting in my “yarn closet” (we’re getting better on the clothes thing — OR almost wears DL’s clothes even though they are 3 years apart and as soon as IM grows out of them I get rid of them. Or at least consider selling them on Ebay and they go into the garage.) and have more than one more large plastic container. And I did just red and couldn’t fit more in the large size container (thats *new* red, not all the old stuff :{ ).

But in my cleaning I did find a few more notions I had lost (not any of the 5 measuring tapes I have, though), and my Blackberry sleeve! So here is an update on what I am working on that I plan to finish (in order of how much more to go:

fingerless mitts for FIL
Katrina Rib
Blackberry (in black)
Raglan Tansy Tee
new black sweater

It scares me that I can’t even think of anything else although many of my needles are missing — I do have a couple of things needing to be finished:

A.Lo’s sweater
7 x 7 is

and a couple more I don’t know if I’ll come back to:

Blackberry (in red)
Silk Corset #2 (or #1 for that matter, but I think it’s too small)

So many projects, so little time!


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  1. January 9, 2006 at 4:47 pm

    You are slowly but surely putting a dent in your list! I see it!

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