I can’t post any photos of my recent work because of the secret nature of the project, but since the recipient will probably never read my blog, I did leave pictures in my FO section on the left. so feel free to check them out if you’re curious.

Last night I was going to add further to the project, but I got motivated by one of my squares to start a new sweater. So far I’m still on the ribbing of the sleeve, but so far so good. I have noticed that many designers (okay, one in particular, but I’m sure this is typical) get fixated on a particular type of sweater construction and many of their patterns are based on that type (e.g. top down raglans, which seem to me to be the most common). I am no exception. When I finished 7/8 of my “7 x 7 is” project (I still need to pick up and knit the bottom ribbing) I became enamoured of the side by side construction, and this sweater will also be done in that way. It’s just neat to look at it in a different way.

Of course I need another project like I need a hole in the head, but oh well.

In other news, I’m depressed. As I’ve mentioned before I’m a librarian who has been out of work for the past 6 years with my kids. I am almost done with my second Masters’ (as I like to say the library field encourages you to get a second Masters’ but they don’t necessarily pay you any more) in Broadcasting. A little bit of background: I was really into my college radio station, and was lucky enough early in my library career to get a great job at the Library of Congress’ Recorded Sound Section. Technically, I was in my dream job right out of college, but for some unknown reason I decided I wasn’t a “real librarian” since I hadn’t gone to library school. For some other unknown reason, I didn’t even apply to the local library schools, I only applied across the country. So I had to quit my dream job and move.

I went to UCLA’s library school in the early ’90s. I did have some classes and experiences that were relevant to the work I wanted to perform post-graduation, but for the most part I was moving farther away from my dream job rather than closer to it. Then after a number of jobs here in the Bay Area I decided to move back to Maryland and found another “dream job”. Well, that one was part time so it wasn’t technically perfect, but close enough. Then I got back together with BR and got pregnant. The “dream job” in VA just wasn’t going to cut it when BR’s “dream job” was in the Bay Area and I planned to stay at home.

So I quit, moved back to CA and had my boys. When DL, the oldest, was about 18 mos. old, I found another potential dream job: head of the media section of Stanford’s library. Of course I knew that after I graduated this job would be gone, but it was my impetus to go back to school and study radio and television. I had all of these ambitions to get more experience in the technical aspects of broadcasting, but timewise I just couldn’t take those classes. So here I am, 4 years later, with almost another academically based degree that probably gets me farther away from my dream job.

I have mentioned recently that I am starting to try and figure out how I am going to get back into the job market when IM goes to school in a year and a half (he could start as early as this fall, but I don’t want him to start too early). Periodically I go and look at the library jobs that are available, since I’m not convinced I’m actually qualified to do any media jobs. I’m also going through what I’m sure are standard worries that someone who has been out of the job market for a while goes through: am I qualified for anything, how do I document my years away from the workforce, how can I balance motherhood and working, etc.

Which leads me to today. I found yet another dream job: Audiovisual Archivist at the University of Maryland Libraries. (My alma mater.) The problem is that while I was in library school it was my motivation to do a/v archiving, but I didn’t find and/or take any experiences that would give me training in that field (nevermind that UCLA has an amazing film archive … d’oh!); I had some chance of at least getting more audio experience in my current degree and didn’t; and I am definitely less prepared for getting any of my potential dream jobs now after a potential 8 year hiatus from working and not much experience in that to begin with.

I’m not exactly sure what I am getting at here, with all of this description and background. I guess I just had to vent and, who knows, maybe someone out there can either give me encouragement that I will be able to find a job in a year or so, and/or ideas of what I could be doing in the next year to better prepare for my job search.

More photos soon, I promise! Got to lighten the mood again 🙂


2 Responses to “113643865906533057”

  1. January 5, 2006 at 8:15 am

    I believe that things usually work out for the best. I have to believe that when you are ready to reenter the workforce, the perfect job will come up for you. It might not be something that on the surface seems perfect, but it will be or will lead to the perfect job.

  2. January 5, 2006 at 8:38 am

    Thanks for the encouragement! I’m lucky that I can wait around for a good job or until the kids are in school.

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