I had all this long post in my head yesterday and I just didn’t make it to the computer. The reason: “New Year’s Day (Observed)”. Those damned “(Observed)” days just piss me off as a stay-at-home mom. When I was growing up I went to a Montessori school that had all the Christian and all the Jewish holidays and I thought it was great but I’m sure it wasn’t fun for my mom, and now I know firsthand.

DL started “first grade” in his school today, which is 1/2 hour earlier than he had been going. (They also offered us that OR could go 1/2 hour earlier too, which is so cool — free private school, and more of a break for me!) However, even though we are up in plenty of time to get to school, that 1/2 hour is a real pain to get everyone ready. So we all get ready yesterday and then I realize that school doesn’t actually start until today because New Year’s Day was on a Sunday, so the banks, government, etc. celebrate it on that Monday. I’m sure I enjoyed that when I worked for the Library of Congress and Northern Virginia Community College, but when you have 3 kids and you are expecting to have 2 of them go to school and they don’t, it’s a big shock.

That being said, yesterday wasn’t too bad. I ended up spending most of the day watching the “The Biggest Loser” marathon and some of that time on the treadmill, knitting, watching people lose from 1-28 lbs. in a week. If only I had the time to spend all day in the gym. I actively hate reality shows, but I did watch the first season of “The Biggest Loser” and gave up on this one pretty early. I just hate the competitiveness of these shows, and that you can get ahead not by being “The Biggest Loser” but by being less of a threat to the more competitive people. I haven’t quite finished the show yet, but I have to say this season is much better than last one, and much better than the other reality show I’ve watched, “Last Comic Standing”. (Don’t get me started on Ant and how lame he is and it is that he came back the second year.) Even though people were competitive, it seemed like pretty much everyone on the show (at least those that got closer to the end) were much nicer than they needed to be, and the obnoxious ones (except Seth, who at least lost a lot and won competitions, but was less palatable to me than the others) got voted off eventually. I’m looking forward to knitting, walking, and watching the finale tonight.

I still need to finish up A.Lo’s sweater (I may have a large stash, quite a few UFOs, but I don’t leave things completely knitted but unfinished.), but I did get three and a half swatches done for my knitting group’s project and I just might do one or two more. When we’re done I’ll post some photos on my blog.

Also in the finishing queue: second fingerless mitt for my SFIL; Katrina Rib (so close and yet so far); the bottom half of Bubby (I think I found another size 3 dpns floating around); my Raglan Tansy Tee; one of my Silk Corsets; and both Blackberrys.

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