Can I just say sometimes (not often) I hate Blogger?! Here I was all depressed that I hadn’t gotten a comment on my blog in weeks, and I just found them, waiting in the “moderate comments?” section … So I definitely and wholeheartedly apologize for the delay in responding and say thank you so much for continuing to come back and comment even though you might have thought it was for naught.

Anyway, today I got a slight break and did something bad (again, can you guess what?)

My parents are in town from the East Coast and I had all these plans for what we were going to do with the kids (BR is working, still, on his project which is set to finish in February, I think), then it starts raining. And it doesn’t stop raining. After one day of sitting around at home, going to lunch, going to the mall (again — we live within walking distance), I decided we should just find something indoor to do. So goodbye Oakland Zoo; Hello, Chabot Science Center. Goodbye San Francisco Zoo; Hello, Children’s Discovery Center (San Jose).

Yesterday we faced the rain and drove out to the Oakland hills for the Chabot Science Center. Unfortunately I was driving so I got no knitting time, and since I had three small boys and my parents, I couldn’t visit Knitting Basket, which I had discovered two years ago when we visited “our people” (a little blond joke — all my kids are blond and their school has a performance once a year at the Oakland Mormon Temple).

Today it actually didn’t rain but we thought it might so we headed to San Jose for the Children’s Discovery Museum. San Jose always seems like a ghost town to me, at least near the downtown. Actually, I visited to the library school there way back in the early ’90s and didn’t end up applying because the department didn’t even have a receptionist, just stacks of information on the shelves. But I digress.

So we came into town and looked for something to eat, guessing (correctly) that there was no real food at the CDM. We looked all over the place, finally settling on some hole in the wall “real” Mexican restaurant which didn’t do much for me. On the way back to the CDM, I happened to look over and what did I see — CommuKnity, the relatively recent yarn store that I hadn’t gotten a chance to visit but had heard so much about!!! I mentioned it to my parents, who then graciously volunteered to take three little boys to a new museum by themselves when I went back to go yarn shopping (like I need more yarn …)!!! Now I know why I love them.

Fast forward maybe half an hour later. I’m entering a spa-like buiding, with the SouthWestern paint, the spa music, the scented air, the works. I was really impressed with the class schedule of CommuKnity, and loved all the yarn. It was a smaller stock than I’m used to in a yarn store, but I did find all my favorites, including a large Noro collection as well as the ArtYarns Supermerino which I definitely have to have as my new dream yarn now that I have the Mountain Colors Mountain Goat and Malabrigo …

Of course I had to check out the sale table, and I found a couple of skeins of Crystal Palace Waikiki that came home with me. I took all the black they had (it was a gorgeous, really dark color), and the one skein of the color scheme I loved. I already have one skein of Waikiki, but I don’t think it was this one, which is too bad. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with 300 yards of black, 100 yards of red/orange/brown and the other mystery skein I already have, but oh well.

They also had a great selection of Brittany needles. You probably don’t remember but I had an issue with my Brittany dpns a couple of years ago, contacted the company and they sent me back a whole new set! And they’re local! My Crystal Palace dpns also broke but I don’t have much if any information on customer service/replacement on theirs. My LYS has some Brittany needles, but CommuKnity has them all. So I stocked up on 8s and 9s, since I only had up to 6 and the 10 1/2s for felting.

I’ve also been trying to find the time to work on my new project: I got the bright idea yesterday that I should make my parents [fingerless] mittens since their next stop is to see my sister in Eastern Washington [State] where I understand it’s really cold. Not sure I have enough time to figure out a pattern that works out, but why not waste more time just in case?


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  1. December 20, 2005 at 8:04 am

    Wonderful looking stash enhancement! Have fun with the fam over the holidays.

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