Yet another math problem. I know, I miss the easiest things, but still. So I’m working on my “baby” sweater, for a toddler, and I just got to the armholes. I’m following the guidelines in Ann Budd’s “Knitter’s Handy Book of Sweater Patterns” and am following the information for my gauge. Here’s what I don’t get: her pattern is based on a stitch gauge, which is fine, but then she suggests a size for the rows (“knit until piece measures 13 1/4″) which I followed. However, this sweater is going to be too long for *me* (and too skinny) at 13 1/4″ plus 8″ for the armholes (at least). Does that make any sense? I guess I’m asking that if someone tells you to knit to a certain amount of knitting, your gauge doesn’t matter, right? If I’m getting 20 rows in 4″ or 40 rows in 4″, 4″ is still 4”, right? I guess my stupid mistake must be that I’m knitting the largest child size, ignoring that a 2 year old, even if both his parents are over 6 feet tall, is not going to fit into the largest child size. Duh.

So now my decision is whether to keep knitting and just donate it somewhere or to restart. I hate the idea of restarting.

P.S. So I’m hard at work on my paper due on Tuesday (well, sort of) and then someone points me to the new Knitty. There are so many gorgeous patterns this issue, it really makes up for the past few that I haven’t been all that excited with. And of course since Cookie’s pattern is in it, I had to check it out! It’s too bad there’s no official hard copy or I could get her to autograph it at knitting on Tuesday!


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  1. December 5, 2005 at 1:37 pm

    I like the new Knitty too! Very cute patterns.

  2. December 5, 2005 at 2:54 pm

    I’ve gotten in trouble too with the whole gauge thing. Here’s what I have figured out:
    if they give you a gauge and yours is twice or half (not sure how you see it) lenghtwise, it does not matter if they give you a length to knit to. (meaning, if they say knit 4inches. if you do it in 40 rows or while they say 20, no problemo) But, the problems comes in when they start doing the pattern row by row. example : armholes: they say decreas 2st every 5th row 4times. you have then decreased 4st and knit 20 rows. according to their gauge the armhole should be 4inches. but with your gauge it’s going to come out 2inches. (problem!)
    So, you can fix that by knowing what your gauge is, and adding or subtracting rows to the pattern at those times.

    hope that makes sense, not sure if it was your question. good luck with the sweater. i hope you don’t have to start over.

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