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Finally, a photo! Here are the backs of my two baby sweaters, on the same needle, in progress:

It’s hard to tell from the photo, but they’re both cabled, and are supposed to be the same pattern, but they’re not working out that way so far. I’m back in the Baby KAL then!

I also checked out the new Magknits today. I didn’t see any bags that I was really interested in making, but I love that they’re published monthly now!

Okay, okay, back to my paper. I can’t wait for the Christmas holidays for more guilt-free knitting! I honestly don’t understand when stay at home moms (or more likely, former stay at home moms that stuck it out for a whole 3 mos. to a year) say they’re bored at home. Taking care of the kids is challenging enough, but I’m never bored. Think of all the knitting time!



I knew my previous list of WIP was wrong — I found my Katrina Rib again and did a couple of rows at my knitting tonight. It’s so boring though (sorry, Cookie!) since I’m just at the “knit in rib until you’re done” part.

The good news is that I am actively working on two baby sweaters and I really like the cable pattern on one. (The Lion Brand Cotton Ease sweater is just stockinette with a garter border because I decided I hated just garter.) I may end up making one or two more of those.

So I got my “break” at knitting, but I’m back at work as IM is awake, with no signs of going back to sleep anytime soon. I would love to have a kid that actually sleeps sometimes, but since it is physically impossible for me to have more kids, I guess I’m stuck with the light/no sleepers I’ve got.



Oh crap! I was just settling in for a night of knitting baby sweaters (2 so far) and I was even going to take a picture for you, when I decided I may as well figure out what I am supposed to have read for class by tomorrow. To my dismay I just realized that my last paper is due *next* Tuesday! I didn’t even know when the semester ended! Luckily I went to the library last weekend and did some research, and I thought of my topic while in class two weeks ago: the indecency labels on CDs and other recorded media. So sorry, no pictures of baby sweaters today. Maybe tomorrow, if you’re good.



That “Grey’s Anatomy” gets me every time. I want to go to bed, but I just have to stay up and watch it, knowing IM is going to wake me up in the middle of the night anyway and I could just watch it then. But I wouldn’t have knitting time then!

I took the two older boys to Chuck E. Cheese today, under duress, but at least I got in some good knitting time on the first of my baby sweaters. I have two friends expecting babies in Feb/Mar so I may as well start knitting.



Still hard at work at baby sweater #1. Why is it that I always have to restart things 20 times before I get something acceptable? Usually it’s the size, but this time I don’t care what size it is since the babies aren’t born yet. This time I am working on a cable pattern and I kept having to restart the back because the cable didn’t look right. Now I’m one cable row in and so far so good. I should have a lot of knitting time recently since there are many Degrassis that I haven’t seen, and I’m on the 5th Harry Potter book on tape too.

Oh I forgot the excitement of the weekend. Here’s how they get you. As I mentioned, my MIL saves her Michael’s coupons for me every week, and they get two papers. Yes, Michael’s supports the Republicans and I am not now and will never be one, but they have the best craft supplies near me, so I shop there every week now. Never underestimate the power of a 40% off coupon. Anyway, first there were two 40% off coupons that expired on Wednesday, and I was going to get them from my MIL on Wednesday, never dreaming that I’d be sick and not able to leave the house.

Then on Thanksgiving they gave me two Michael’s circulars with the craziest coupons! One was for 25% off all of your purchases from 6-9 am on Friday (including sale items). Then there were three based on how much you bought on Friday from 9-closing. The first one was $25 or more and I knew I wasn’t going to spend $25 so I totally ignored those. Then the third one was 20% off all your purchases from 9-12 on Saturday (including sale items). The fourth one was 50% off any one item from 12-closing on Saturday.

Suffice it to say I ended up blowing them all. I was way too tired to get to Michael’s by 9 am on Friday, or even noon today, so those “everything you can buy is discounted” ones were useless. I ended up going twice today and getting 50% off on two items, but even those were kind of stretching it — wedding favor boxes that I hope to use for future stitch marker mailing, and some beading pliers I’m not even sure I’ll like. Yes, I know, I’ve been thinking way too much about Michael’s coupons. Way too much.



This yarn is actually not *that* new, I recieved it last week but couldn’t get to the camera to take a picture. It’s from Ami Ami, and when I first saw their yarns I had to try them! Of course I should have ordered the sample cards that they sent with my order since I mistakenly ordered tons of *lace* weight yarn, and the yarns that I liked the most on the sample cards were not lace weight yarn. Not to mention that in one case, yarn that looked red was purple in real life. I don’t have much of a use for lace weight yarn so I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it (did I mention they sent me a “bonus” of extra black yarn, even more than I ordered?!). Here’s my dilemma. The black yarn is really thin. When I first pulled it out, it looked like thread, but now I realize it’s like triple stranded thread, so a bit thicker. It is also unmercifully tangled at this point. So, should I bother untangling it or just throw it out? Does three times the width of thread sound like standard laceweight yarn, and I should try something from my “A Gathering of Lace” book from it? What to do …

In my time not spent untangling black lace weight yarn, I decided to start a new project. As you know I have 10 skeins of yellow (“pineapple”) Cotton Ease burning a hole in my stash and two babies expected (my friends are finally procreating!) in the next few months, so I started one baby sweater today. Both of the babies expected are boys so I hope they are not offended by what I call “Lego yellow” sweaters. Maybe I could embroider some tools on them?



Happy Thanksgiving! I got a lot of knitting done (well, sort of) since I’m feeling better and we were at my MIL’s house watching a movie for most of the time. The other big news of the day — IM started walking! He just turned 14 mos. old and it’s official, he’s walking. Finally.

Anyway, since it’s almost the end of the year, how about a UFO wrapup?

Black Sheep KAL: Blackberry is in black, and halfway done. My Raglan Tansy Tee is mostly black and is maybe 1/6 done.
Blackberry KAL: I need to find my old sleeve or start a new one.
Knit Red KAL: My Katrina Rib is in red, and my Daybreak sweater is red striped.
Silk Corset KAL: At some point I’ll get back to this project
Stashbusters: My November project, the hat and Knitty’s “Bubby” is halfway done.

I think that’s it for KALs. I’m also finishing up Secret Pal 6 and Knitty’s Holiday SP round with one more package for each. I’m also actively working on my “7 x 7 is” sweater, which is almost done. I just started the last sleeve.

Tomorrow: a stash enhancement dilemma and some nice new yarn.


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