Not much to report today. I did do as much sock knitting as I could, but I’m still not done with sock #2. In my defense, I was driving quite a bit today for some reason.

Mostly all I did today was eat unnecessary and uninteresting food and feel guilty about it. I had no idea where to go to lunch with OR so for some reason I thought “Una Mas!”. So we drive down there and I order food, when I should have just had a Slim Fast bar. I knew it was bad, but when I just checked out Calorie King I wanted to cry when I saw how many calories Una Mas’ *chica* quesadilla was. And it was so boring! I could have had some of those Round Table Pizza breadsticks for the same calories. Not to mention that was *half* the meal. You choose two items, and the small quesadilla was one of the two choices. They didn’t have my other choice in their calorie listing, thank God. (I had a friend who used to say “Thank Goth” and I’m always tempted to write it, but I control myself.) I’m never going to lose the baby weight. Never.

Anyway, I hope to finish the sock tomorrow, so I can finally get back to Blackberry! All I have are the sleeves and ribbing which shouldn’t take that long, right? Not by my slow knitting standards.

2 Responses to “113047428107079030”

  1. October 28, 2005 at 7:22 am

    Oh no, there’s a place that will tell a person how many calories are in various restaurant food? Uh oh…

  2. October 28, 2005 at 9:33 pm

    I definitely could have lived a full life without it. I’m still depressed about that quesadilla!

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