Sorry no pictures today, BR is busy playing CivIII on the other computer again. Speaking of video games, can you believe he refuses to buy me the new The Warriors video game? As you may know, it is one of my favorite movies and I just have to have the video game. BR thinks it would be bad to have it around because the kids are too young. Do I really have to be responsible _all_ the time?!

I didn’t get too much done today since we have a lot of cleaning and moving going on in our house. (IM is moving into the crib after 13 mos. and so we had to move OR into DL’s room. That, and two new Pottery Barn Kids dressers makes a lot of cleaning and moving.) But I am past the heel on my Twist Barbie socks and I have even written out the pattern since I now have to make one more to match! I suppose the name would have sounded better with non-black socks but they are cable socks and that’s just what came into my mind.

Yes, I’m a Shonen Knife fan, but also my ex-boyfriend’s last name was Barbee and he used to joke that if we got married I should change my name to “Twist”.

Anyway, here’s another pattern where I’m at the “knit until you’re done” stage, which is the most boring part. I just love doing socks, though. I can’t believe I haven’t made any in a year. It’s so cool when you go from a round to a heel and then a sock. It’s even faster when you’re using worsted weight yarn. But not fast enough.

Also today since it was Saturday I had to troll around Michael’s to figure out on what to use the 40% off coupons my FIL gives me every week. I know, shopping is such a chore! The one near us pretty much sucks so I didn’t see the new Vogue Knitting, the new Sally Melville book or even “Knit Socks” which I am interested in. I almost gave up and just didn’t use the coupon but then I decided since Lu seems to be into Bernat Cottontots lately, that I may as well try it. It’s really soft, and the colors are nice but I wasn’t convinced I would wear any of them. I finally settled on the “Fresh Cream” color since I used to wear black and off white all the time. Now to finish a project so I can start a new one!

Why not make a list anyway, so I can keep myself honest:

IM’s baby blanket — it’s actually right next to the computer now!
A Good Bias — still filed away somewhere
Raglan Tansy Tee — still attached to the cone so not portable
Silk Corset — will get back to it eventually
Katrina Rib — I do still work on this when I’m free in the car
Blackberry — will finish after my socks
Twist Barbie socks — 2/3 done with my first sock
7 x 7 is experiment — still at the sleeve that may not fit an adult

Wow, that is quite a list. I’d better get to it!


2 Responses to “113004449002843154”

  1. October 23, 2005 at 9:25 am

    I’ve never heard of the Warriors game. What movie is it based on?

  2. October 23, 2005 at 7:26 pm

    It’s based on the 1979 movie “The Warriors” with Michael Beck (from Xanadu). I’m sure you’ve seen clips of the leader of the gangs shouting “Can you dig it?” It inspired a lot of songs, but not much else as far as I can tell and I’m surprised they made the game this much later, but it was pretty popular.

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