Okay, let’s see, 60 hours before my presentation. You can tell I haven’t had an interview in years, much less had to make a 20 minute presentation with bells and whistles. I’ve made many presentations in class, but every time you’re just sitting down talking so that’s not quite so stressful. And I really want to be buying yarn, so I can’t focus on even preparing my presentation!

I did end up buying some Peace Fleece earlier this week, and I’m “helping” a couple of people destash with some Knit Picks yarn and some new 4 and 5 size needles. I’m in the process of getting some more Knit Picks yarn and possibly some Karaoke since it’s on sale. Basically, my parents sent us an anniversary present, and I asked BR jokingly if I could spend it on yarn, and he said yes! So I’m going a little bit crazy. Not much, just a bit.

I have so many projects I want to do, though! And so many I’m “working on”. Here’s the list/knitalongs again:

A Good Bias: bottom of the list

Baby KAL: I really do want to finish IM’s blanket before he’s 2! Also, a good friend is pregnant and due in December, so I’ll whip something out for Baby Chen.

Black Sheep KAL: Just the sleeves to do in Blackberry. I made my first bobble today! Also, I’ve got my Raglan Tansy Tee to work on. Plus, next I’m starting some black Wool Ease socks.

Fall for Cables: Working on the cable part of Blackberry. I love cables — they’re magical! You do a couple of boring rows, one cable row and magically, cables!

Knit Red KAL: Katrina Rib is still getting some time, plus A Good Bias if I ever get back to it. Not to mention my Silk Corset #2 and IM’s blanket.

Silk Corset: Once I have some time, I’ll get back to one or both of them.

Socktoberfest: Drinking lots of beer and eating lots of sausage. Just kidding. I’m swatching my Wool Ease so I can use it up on some black socks. (Hey, that will work out great for Halloween!)

Soleil: Frogged, I’m not sure if I’ll start it again. We’ll see.

Done with the Shrug KAL, Stitch Marker Swap 1, and Tivoli KAL.

I’m still in Secret Pal 6, although I haven’t heard from mine in awhile 😦 Next up, the next Stitch Marker Swap and Knitty Forums Mini-Swap (whatever it’s called). Oh and some more RAKs from Knitty.

Bored yet? I am. Sorry, I’ll be more about the knitting when my presentation is over.


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