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So how was your Halloween? I usually hate this holiday (I know, I’m not American. I’ve been accused of that before.) but today was pretty fun. We ended up trick or treating at the local mall and it worked out great.

I thought DL would be much more shy and reserved but he ended up doing really well. Can you tell his costume was at Grandma’s house so we had to buy another one quick? Also, it was OR’s first “real” Halloween. That is, his first attempt at trick or treating. He loved it! It’s so cute when they first “get it” and understand that to go up and ask, you get candy. Then we did our traditional trip to Grandma’s house where the kids went out trick or treating again (I was good and stayed home reading research articles). When OR came back, he was already saying “Trick or Treat”. How cute.

Okay, okay, I’ll get back to work. I have 2 pages done already! (6 to go.)



I’m so happy! You’d think I wouldn’t be when the time change screwed every kid’s schedule up so they were all up at 4:30 (what real time was that?) a.m. this morning and we have to be out of our house tonight because the genius down the block decided to block off our street *again* for Halloween. But I digress.

I delegated to BR the credit card issue. He had basically written the $2800 off and I was ready to write letters to our bank, VISA, and Macy’s (who actually accepted our card with no i.d. for $2800 worth of merchandise) but after 43 minutes on the phone, BR says someone should be reversing the charges in the next 48 hours. I hope it works!

And my paper is coming along. I actually have references and two paragraphs done … I decided late last night (I didn’t remember just how late because of the time change) that I would spend today reading the articles I got at the library this weekend and write the paper this evening after we’re able to get back onto our street. (Long, annoying story.)

And you know what reading articles means — stockinette knitting! I brought out my 7 x 7 is sleeve and can knit on it while I read the 5 articles I have. I hope the paper works out since I tend to be shortwinded and it’s 8-10 pages! Hence the procrastination.

Okay, back to my knitting, I mean research.



Boy am I a procrastinator! I have to finish (and, yes, start) my paper on media regulation that’s due Tuesday and all I can do is read websites and blogs! And not even knitting!

So since I figured out this morning that I can’t find my Blackberry sleeve I was working on, I’ve brought out some other projects. I did a bit of work on my Raglan Tansy Tee before realizing it was inextricably tangled, so I spent the morning with “Degrassi High” (Shannon, do they really call it the “Health Unit”?) and untangling my Filatura di Crosa Clips.

Then in the car I decided to work on my 7 x 7 is experiment. I’m halfway done with sleeve #1 and so far so good. I don’t want to assume that it will all work out, but it’s fun so far. (It’s all fun and games until it doesn’t fit, right?)

Fine, I’ll work on my paper. But only because you forced me to!



BR has graciously allowed me a few minutes of his Civ IV time to post a couple of photos of my finished Twist Barbie socks. I love these!!! The right sock is the finished pattern, and I especially love the back because it matches my first tattoo which you can see a bit of under the sock.



“Sock #2 is not a f*** you sock …” For some reason whenever I think about my second sock I think about that Fugazi song. Anyway, I’m done!!! I finished my second Twist Barbie sock today! I can’t give you any pictures yet, since Civ IV came out this week so of course BR is home taking over the other computer (where we have the camera access). I’ll try to take pictures tomorrow.

I wanted to clear out my stash, but thanks to the generosity of Shannon, I have almost one whole skein of Black Wool Ease left. Assuming she doesn’t want it back, I’m going to start a second pair of socks (actually I’ve already cast on) which will be anklets this time.

Then, once my paper is done (that I am procrastinating from right now) I can get back to and finish Blackberry!



Not much to report today. I did do as much sock knitting as I could, but I’m still not done with sock #2. In my defense, I was driving quite a bit today for some reason.

Mostly all I did today was eat unnecessary and uninteresting food and feel guilty about it. I had no idea where to go to lunch with OR so for some reason I thought “Una Mas!”. So we drive down there and I order food, when I should have just had a Slim Fast bar. I knew it was bad, but when I just checked out Calorie King I wanted to cry when I saw how many calories Una Mas’ *chica* quesadilla was. And it was so boring! I could have had some of those Round Table Pizza breadsticks for the same calories. Not to mention that was *half* the meal. You choose two items, and the small quesadilla was one of the two choices. They didn’t have my other choice in their calorie listing, thank God. (I had a friend who used to say “Thank Goth” and I’m always tempted to write it, but I control myself.) I’m never going to lose the baby weight. Never.

Anyway, I hope to finish the sock tomorrow, so I can finally get back to Blackberry! All I have are the sleeves and ribbing which shouldn’t take that long, right? Not by my slow knitting standards.



Finally a finished object!!! I just did the garter edging and bound off for the blanket formerly known as “IM’s Blanket” which will now be known as “Baby Chen’s Blanket”. Surprisingly it bound off really nicely and I think the size is perfect. Just rectangular enough.

I’m also almost done (okay, I still have to do the foot and toe part) of my second Twist Barbie sock. I was going to restart the first one but now I’m thinking I have to make it in a non-black color so it will photograph better, so I’ll just redo it in some of the red Cascade 220 Superwash that I have (more stashbusting!)

And last but not least (I still have to research my 8 page paper due Tuesday and I was up all night again last night, so it’d better be …), finally the picture of Zonda’s amazing RAK from earlier this week. I put all my needles in the needle holder and it is so nice to be so organized! That’s why I went to library school, you know, because I love to organize. Books, tapes and records mostly.


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