As promised, here is my summary of the Full Thread Ahead Launch Party. At least I think that’s what it was called. First, no food. I was disappointed, but I guess the main focus was supposed to be on the yarn. Yes, at birthday parties I’m all about the cake.

In any case, there was miles and miles of yarn, and three items that are not yet on their online store but are there for purchase, and will be when the brick and mortar store opens. Here are my favorites:

Cherry Tree Hill Silk Merino. Gorgeous red mix and so soft!

Schaefer Yarns Miss Priss, in shade Clara Barton (reds), of course.

and last but not least, Dive Teseo from Cascade Yarns. There was a gorgeous dark pink variegated, as well as a green variegated and blue variegated that I liked.

Now, to lose 5 lbs. so I can buy some more yarn! It’s official, I went to Weight Watchers today and I am back to the weight I was 9 mos. ago. Damn.


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  1. September 10, 2005 at 8:36 pm

    Hey Elspeth – It wasn’t actually a launch party, just a little open house to get a preview of the yarns to come when the store finally opens. As for food, the last 2 had lots of food that no one ate and since the yarn boxes are now even taking over the kitchen (did you notice the 7 boxes behind the “checkout passthru”, I didn’t want to cook and get smells in the yarn. Isn’t that a great way to get out of cooking for a month or 3? Anyway, see you soon.

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