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I am very happy, because the Fall Knitty is up and there are actually patterns I like! Not that I have ever been able to complain since it is a free pattern source, but very hyped and I am anti-hype.

This Fall I can’t wait to knit Blackberry and I also like Lacey, Falling Leaves, and Flora but I doubt I will make them. I may make Falling Leaves, though, to destash my sock yarn. We’ll see. I used to be into socks and felting but now I’m not so who knows.

I have been productive today, sort of. I finally got my September Stitch Markers out, a couple of days late. I had wanted to do the clue thing and keep my identity a secret because Michelle seemed so upset that no one was interested, but then life got in the way, and I just identified myself this time. So since I am not a secret, here they are:

The ones I got last time were all made with jump rings, which I can’t seem to get the hang of, but I like mine and I hope my pals don’t hate them. I did learn how to do them from a tutorial so I know I’m not the only one who makes them this way.

Not too much knitting done, though. I was working on Soleil, then I realized that I was knitting the pattern wrong and I’m just about done with the pattern. Maybe I’ll try with a different yarn, or maybe I’ll wait, but I’m done for now. I have enough projects on the needles, or I could start Blackberry, it is getting a bit cold, don’t you think? 😉


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