I’ve got to get some pictures, I know, but BR actually took the week off from work (and it’s actually comp time!) and he thinks I’m crazy taking pictures of yarn and knitting, so I do it when he’s not home.

Also, I’m very surprised I didn’t get in trouble, as I came home to yet another pile of packages after he complained that I was using the credit card too much (and I buy most of my yarn through PayPal so he didn’t even see the half of it). I can’t say it’s because I’m depriving myself of food, since the gym scale says I have not only gained back what I lost at WW, but 2 pounds more. Life sucks.

Anyway, after ordering 3 books from Crafter’s Choice, I got one, “Knitting Over the Edge” (the others were just bait and switch or something) which I haven’t fully appreciated yet. I also got the Noro Shinano I ordered, which is a very mottled gray color. It’s not colorful enough to seem like Noro to me. And finally, I got the Noro that I helped someone destash. It’s a green, olivey color. That will be interesting to use.

Now I just have to finish my current projects (in order of starting):

IM’s blanket — 2 weeks until his birthday (think I can lose the baby weight before then?!)

A Good Bias

Silk Corset — still missing

Soleil — finished one lace repeat on the third attempt

Raglan Tansy Tee

Katrina Rib

Once I finish one or two of these or maybe the Classic Elite Venue cone I can start on other projects. Maybe when I get my website up and running I can start “Stashbusters 2” since the first one is technically over.

Okay, I promise, and Shannon, you can hold me to this: I will not buy more yarn until I have lost 5 lbs. I need to lose the weight and I don’t need more yarn. I can’t knit that fast.


2 Responses to “112607299322839296”

  1. September 7, 2005 at 6:38 am

    My husband has been shocked about how much yarn I’ve traded away in swaps. Then he goes up to our closet which about 3/4 of it is my yarn, beads, and clothes and shakes his head. They’ll never understand.

  2. September 7, 2005 at 1:11 pm

    There’s a “weight loss” knitalong that might help! Its great to keep motivated! I however seem to not be persuaded by yarn purchases as goals. Ugh.

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