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I’ve got more homework: I just got a call that I have an interview coming up for the on-call librarian position at my local community college! The catch is that the interview is one hour, with twenty minutes of that being a presentation that I have to give and make up on “Finding information related to the origin of humans.” Damned Kansas, et al., now I have to do a project on a topic I really don’t want to do. Do you think they’d appreciate a dicussion of the Flying Spaghetti Monster? So, to all the librarians out there: any suggestions on how to structure this presentation, and/or information to use?

All I can say is it had better not cut into my knitting time!



How many midlife crises are we supposed to have? Most people I know had theirs at 29, but are we then having another one in our mid-thirties and do we have more to expect? This morning I was thinking that the reason I have never gotten what I wanted was that I expected so little of myself and those around me, but it feels like it’s too late to do anything about it. That’s probably why if I stop eating right now I’ll only be 2 points in the hole (counting exercise, extra nursing points and the extra flex points) for the week. This sucks!

On a better note, my Tivoli is going fine, still on the waist decreases but I hope to get more done tonight at the gym. I just emailed BR at work and told him he had to be home before 9 so I could go to the gym. Nice schedule, huh?

P.S. I made it! I had salad for dinner, and just got back from the gym! Now to tackle my RAOKs and Secret Pal package before bed. (Yes, I don’t have much of a life, since the kids get up early!)



I am really really lame. I will chalk it up to lack of sleep, however, and getting some work from my mom so I don’t have much knitting time and/or am paying enough attention even to my easy projects. You see, I screwed up my Tivoli yet again! I set up for the waist decreases and realized I thought I was knitting the 36″ pattern, but I actually have the stitches that match up with the larger size! (I think the pattern just _might_, but I may be wrong, be off in typesetting.) So, I have been resetting the stitch markers all day. I hope I’m getting it together.

I did get 1/3 of my work done for my mom (the rest due tomorrow, and it’s already bed time. Damn.) though.



I am cursed when it comes to projects these days. You know I had to restart Soleil and the Silk Corset in Spring Garden three times each. Then I had the other Tivoli problem. So today I was trying it on again and realized I pulled out some of the stitches, including where the beginning of the round stitch marker was. I’d be willing to bet that will influence where the waist shaping goes, which I am ready to do. This sucks!

Oh, and who has Endless Summer Lara? Well, it tangles up just by looking at it. I spent the day and last night untangling it so I could knit again and now it’s tangled yet again. I like it for this project but I doubt I’ll buy it again.

So far so good on the Silk Corset in Micro. Our friend Bill (“Will”) was visiting last night for a job interview here (he’s living in Mexico right now and hopes to _commute_ to the Bay Area for said job) and said just the right thing: we were in the car with BR (who is a software engineer) and Bill said “Are you looking for a job?” (He’s applying with a major internet firm.) And BR goes, “No …” (They used to work in the same field.) And Bill goes “No, I was talking to Elspeth.” I never thought I would see the day where anyone, especially in the computer field, would wonder if I were available! I told him if he got the job he had to find me a job too! Anyway, they were here talking last night and I was untangling Endless Summer Lara until I got disgusted with it, and then got a couple of rows done on the Silk Corset. I’m going slowly because I don’t want to have to restart again.



Finally, some pictures! Here’s about halfway (I think) on my Tivoli:

I’m making it in Endless Summer Lara from and am about mid-bust, just about to start the waist decreases.

Also, here is the beginning of my second Silk Corset:

You’d think that since I had to restart it three times with Spring Garden that I would have the beginning down pat, but I still have had to restart twice so far with the Micro. Oh how I wish the color were more like it shows up on the computer. It’s just too wine-y colored for me, but I’m still going to keep going so far. Got to use up the stash, you know!



Speaking of new needles: now that I have a whole bunch (but the 3-5s are the most useful) of course I need to cast on for a new project. Well, does it count if you are restarting a previous project? I decided recently that since I put down (and lost and then refound) my Silk Corset in Spring Garden that I’m not convinced it will fit and I’m not convinced of the stripes. So, I’m trying again in a larger size (since I got the same gauge as the Spring Garden) with my Schachenmayer Micro. That yarn is next in line because it ended up being more burgundy than red and I want to use it up. It is incredibly soft, and shiny, and reminds me of Lion Brand Microspun. I hope I didn’t spend more on that than Microspun (I know I spent way too much on shipping thanks to Woolneedleworks, which I won’t be ordering from again), since it probably is the same. Like a Honda is also an Acura, etc., it is made by Coats and Clark, that could somewhere be owned by Lion Brand. Anyone know the yarn business?

Wasting time swatching for my Silk Corset, getting as far as I did and starting and restarting my Soleil because of a twist in the join into a round is why I haven’t finished a project in months. It’s rather depressing.

On a better note, my Tivoli is doing well. I was able to try it on today and it’s about mid-bust. I tried to take some pictures even but my mirror is so dirty they didn’t come out, so maybe sometime soon. I will definitely keep knitting on it since knitting in the round in stockinette is so easy!



Because Elspeth asked (not me, if you were confused, even though we are the same age, both work in the library field, are from the East Coast and I even think we look alike, this is a different Elspeth!), here is information about the Boye Needlemaster vs. Denise systems. There is also a bamboo set which my friend Shannon has, but it sounds like it is similar to the Needlemaster and Denise in drawbacks.

Here are a couple of relevant links:

Here’s my 0.02: it depends on your preference and what you usually knit with. I bought the Denise set first and used it happily. Then I started losing pieces. Then pieces started breaking (I have heard that some runs have a problem and you just have to send it in, with $1 for shipping, and they’ll replace the broken piece), and frankly I didn’t have enough needles for my many UFOs. So I didn’t love my Denise set enough to buy a second, and figured I would try the Needlemaster.

The first thing I noticed with the Needlemaster is that it starts at size 2 needles. The Denise set starts with size 5. (And my size 5s just snapped in half, rendering it useless.) I have tons of DK or lighter weight yarn, so I need size 5s and less. Not to mention that the colors are so pretty when you knit with them and or are able to match them to your yarn!

The problems with the Needlemaster is that sometimes yarn gets caught at the join, and they can come unscrewed. I just re-read one of the Knitter’s Review articles, and didn’t realize that they have these pins to keep them together. I can now use them! I have had them come unscrewed once or twice, but it’s not really a big deal.

The main preference issue is whether you knit tight or loose or need to knit tight or loose. When you have plastic needles, the yarn tends to get sticky on the needle which is good when you are knitting loose and don’t want it to fall off. However, when you knit tight and/or have lots of stitches on the needle, you might want it to move a bit more smoothly, which is where the aluminum needles are helpful.

Both types of sets have some similar great properties: having a range of needle sizes which is great when you need lots of different sizes on hand, being able to switch needle sizes easily, and being able to use the cable as a stitch holder without removing your knitting. I have used both sets in this way and they both work.

Aside from the 50% off coupon from Michael’s, the Needlemaster is the only set I think I could use two of, because I use smaller needles that are only available with the Needlemaster. If you use middle or larger sizes (both go up to 15), then I would suggest trying them both out if you can, and deciding which you prefer. Hope this helps!


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