I am so tired. IM woke up at midnight, just as I was getting to bed after working, uh, surfing the knitting blogs. Then he proceeds to refuse to sleep until 2:30 am! Miraculously he didn’t wake back up until 6:30 unlike his usual 4-5 am so I wasn’t a total basket case today, but it’s still hard. And you just shouldn’t be up at 2:30 after having no sleep for a period of 2 weeks to five years, because you end up buying yet another cone of black yarn! It’s all Knitter’s Review’s fault, giving us a list of cheap yarn online. So at some point I’ll be the proud owner of some Crystal Palace yarn I couldn’t find online, but it seemed pretty cheap and it’s black, why not.

Knitting is just everywhere. Today we were out shopping at Trader Joe’s (you haven’t lived until you’ve had two kids each driving one of those kid sized shopping carts in a really small store that’s crowded with narrow aisles) and I notice in the car next to me a knitting book. It wasn’t obviously a knitting book, but I was looking because it sort of looked like it could be. Then I realize it’s sitting right on top of a Vogue Knitting magazine! Duh. Of course this was a responsible driver and/or not dedicated knitter because they didn’t have any knitting in the passenger seat for stop lights.

And we have gone to two different Michael’s in the past two days because my MIL saves me her 40% off coupons and I really need some circular needles. (No, my Denise and Needlemaster systems aren’t enough.) But of course they don’t sell anything smaller than a size 7 in a circular needle. I was so mad! So I’ve decided if there aren’t any knitting magazines to buy at Michael’s then I’m going to be collecting “Ebony” (black) Microspun with my future 40% off coupons. I like knitting with Microspun, it’s really soft, it’s washable and it’s black (or red, IM’s baby blanket is in red Microspun. I’d get more red, but then I’d feel like I should make his blanket longer and I’m just done knitting on that project.) Can’t have enough black yarn.


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  1. August 26, 2005 at 6:34 am

    why doesnt michaels carry smaller needles? I was looking for dpns and they didnt carry anything smaller than a 10!

    as for the shrug, umm I dont know how people ended up with a point. I just followed the pattern, use the suggested yarn, and had fun with good old kitchener. sorry Im no help

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