So whose fantasy is this: in a car for at least 3 hours. With two knitting books, four sizes of knitting needles, one ongoing project but only one of the charts, one small skein of yarn and one huge honkin’ cone of yarn?!

On our big trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium I had just that. I was swatching my Cascade Pastaza so I brought three needle sizes (how does it work out that you have two interchangeable needle sets and never the size you need! Or any free cords?) to try out. I also had my Silk Corset, but only Chart C because I forgot to pick up the pattern on my way out. I had my two Stitch n Bitch books, which I am kind of embarassed are actually in my collection, that I recently sold so I wanted to make sure there weren’t any patterns I couldn’t live without. And I had my huge cone of black Classic Elite Venue.

I got to the end of Chart C, I swatched the Venue with the smallest needle I had, size 7, and was swatching the Pastaza with size 8s when I realized I could just start a project and frog it if it didn’t work out. (I of course was stuck in a car without a measuring implement!) I started the “Little Black Top” from SNB which I have in the past attempted and never got gauge. I knitted for a few long rows before I realized that even in the small size (and after 3 kids I am no longer a size “small”) it was going to be huge. So I got home and frogged.

Then, because I am a glutton for punishment, even though the pattern calls for 5s and I thought 5s just might work using the size small pattern, of course all of my 5s are MIA: my straight needles are on my A Good Bias, I have my Boye Needlemaster 5s but no available cords, and my damned Denise system’s 5 needle just snapped in half, so it’s out of commission until I send it to them so they can replace the 3rd broken piece in this set. (And I definitely see the other cord is going to snap soon as well.) I decided to use my size 6 circular needle. I knit all night. As I mentioned, I am not a size small. It is still too big. Damn.


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