So if you’ll be redirected here you’ll see that I am seriously working on my summer cleaning. I have decided to spend the weekend of BR’s “vacation” (he needs to take 2 days off/month to not max out on leave until his project finishes in March) swatching my stash and trying to compare it to projects that I want to work on. So far, so good. I have obviously gone through Knitty to see which projects I’m interested in and have swatched three yarns so far. I started work on a fourth, but at the gym tonight it was packed (on a Saturday, at BR’s work, noless) so I felt weird bringing out the knitting.

My first swatch was the Cotton Ease I bought from our local Tuesday Morning. I wanted to see if I could Kool-Ade dye it, with no luck. It just looks stained. But I got a swatch and I think my MIL likes the color (Pineapple, or as I call it “Lego yellow” — OR loves it, calling it “yellow knitting”) so I just may make her something. (Believe me, she’d wear it, she’s in the art field.) Otherwise I was thinking about sweaters for the kids from Ann Budd’s sweater design book.

The second swatch was the Donegal Tweed I bought from Jody. I thought it would end up being Mariah or Rogue but it acually came up as the main color for Stefanie’s Cathode. So we’ll see.

And on our marathon drive around San Jose (long story, but we were looking for some mythical amazing donut store, and then Happy Hollow) I swatched my Southwest Trading Company’s Beyond. I had started Tivoli with it, but it definitely doesn’t want to be in stockinette so I’m reevaluating.

Then after spending the night attempting to re-ball some Berrocco Hip Hop I’m going to add to Destashing!, I took my Cascade Pastaza to the gym. Not too far on that swatch. And I had a great picture in mind of all the swatches I would have finished by today and a great post title, “Box Frenzy” which is the album name of one of my all time favorites, Pop Will Eat Itself. But for some reason this blog doesn’t have blog titles, and I didn’t get enough done.

Next on the needles: the Classic Elite Venue cone I bought from Little Knits. I love them! I had such great customer service from Sue (F.) last time and when I was looking around for the wool silk yesterday she came across my half finished order and emailed me, offering me free shipping! Unfortunately, they hadn’t had the red I wanted so I decided to just keep my DiscountYarnSale order intact. But I will most definitely order from them again, especially if this Pastaza swatches up nicely because I have two skeins of the sapphire color that they have on sale, and I may need more.

And the reason for my summer cleaning? I think it may be to distract myself from the fact that my baby is almost 1 and my 2nd son will be starting school in two weeks. It’s tiring and challenging, but I’ll definitely miss this stage.


2 Responses to “112408401399539601”

  1. August 15, 2005 at 10:01 am

    You’ve been so busy. I keep saying I’m going to organize my small stash, and never get around to it! Best start that!

  2. August 15, 2005 at 10:09 am

    Well, I never seem to finish projects so may as well start more, right? 😉

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