Damn top down raglans. I’ve never done one before and all of a sudden every pattern I do (okay, two of them) are based on top down raglans. So you’ve got the “front” then the “back” then the other “front”. I may have finally gotten my Silk Corset down, though, after emailing the knitalong so much that people pretty much think I’m an idiot. So far I’m at row 7 of the section that calls chart C (I used to call it “chart C” but since chart C only applies to half a row, I can’t call it that anymore.)

Don’t go away, I’ve got more bitching to do. Today I was returning/exchanging at a local Talbot’s, in one of our ritzy cities that are close by. You know, where the median home price is over $1 million, yet people always seem to be out with their kids, not working. (This is the place where joining a playgroup through the local Mother’s Club was like a job interview.) So I go in with OR and IM, and stupidly let OR walk without the stroller (he’s 2 1/2). He goes straight for the necklaces, and is touching them. I’m watching him and try to keep him from touching them, but to no avail. He ends up grabbing one which, I kid you not is a few beads put together with thread. Not beading wire or anything, thread you use to sew with. Of course, he breaks it.

As I’m returning/exchanging, the salesperson says “I think he broke this, and it’s worth … [drumroll, please] $50.” So I am embarassed but also pissed because it is horribly made and not worth 50 cents, but I do say that she can charge me for it. She says that she can “donate” it, but it is “not fair” that they have to “donate” a $50 item. This is a _national chain_ mind you, not some mom and pop. I guess in the current political climate, national chains are poor and need every $50 they can get. In her defense, though, I’m sure many of the people in this city just say “I’ll pay for it”, and she thinks the kids never learn and then just come in and break stuff again. Well, you can bet I’ll never shop at at least that store again, maybe not even the city, because I was so embarassed and pissed. In retrospect, I should have either bitched that I could make that myself for 50 cents, or at least returned everything I bought, $70 worth, and then paid for the hideous, cheap necklace for $50, and come out $20 ahead.

The day gets worse when some person comes up to “help” at Michael’s while OR is having a tantrum and I end up yelling at her just trying to get out of there without her giving me more advice. Why do people think that just because you are with a kid, they can give you advice or offer to “help” when things are just progressing as normal? And just what kind of “help” can a total stranger give you when you are just trying to get home? Note to “well meaning” people out there: sometimes you are the one causing the problem not the kid or the mom.

Okay, I don’t really feel better, but thanks for letting me vent.

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  1. August 11, 2005 at 6:07 pm

    Wow, yours looks great. Love the colors. You can do it. If it looks that good only partly done, imagine how it will look finished! I had mine laying to the side a bunch before I really dove in and finished it.
    Thanks for coming by!

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