So I got two hours “off” today (that is, with only one kid). I spent most of them at Michael’s returning and JoAnn’s just looking around. BTW, they have Cotton Ease at our local JoAnn’s — the orange and yellow they had at Tuesday Morning! And it was more expensive ($3/skein) than at Tuesday Morning too. I also was looking for beads and jewelry boxes, but they didn’t have any good beads and no boxes, believe it or not.

I ended up back at our local bead store (well, I did have to pick up DL from camp about 3 blocks away) to get more wire since I lost my 20 gauge, and had wanted to make Shannon some stitch markers. I get more black beads and of course they don’t fit on the wire! Luckily my Secret Pal sent me some beading wire that I’m sure the beads will fit on. So I made the stitch markers, and ran to our knitting group to present them. I need to make my own stitch markers now!

The Silk Corset is pissing me off. I’m not a perfectionist and I usually back off from a challenge, but I do really want to finish this, although I’m only on Chart C (it goes to F). I had to rip out the first row of Chart C three times, then I realized I was doing it wrong anyway! So I’m now on row 2 of Chart C. This had damned better fit me after all this! I did try it on the other day and it barely fits on the top so we’ll see. At least it’s not too small already. Although after having three kids my stomach is the larger part of my upper body so we’ll see when we get to the bottom. I can dream that I’ll actually lose weight by the time I finish.

On other needles: two Minisweaters, my baby blanket and who knows if I should bother ripping out the Father’s Day tie or not. I don’t see myself knitting 10 stitches per round on dpns for maybe 20 inches anytime soon.


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