So I made my second trip to GoodWill in the past 5 years today (I am so out of practice, and I had to bribe the kids with cookies from Cookies By Design to go) with the hopes of finding either a stash of yarn (no luck) or a sweater that I could pull apart (what is that technical term, anyway?) to use the yarn for another project. I ended up finding a huge black sweater that I hope will come apart. I can’t wait to try, not that I don’t have enough yarn to work on pretty much any project that comes my way.

Not much knitting done, though, since we spent the day at the kids’ gym playing and socializing. I think I have 1 1/4 inches left on my ribbing for the Silk Corset before I can move on to the bust shaping (I think that’s next). I did try on the armhole and had no problem getting it on, we’ll see if it actually fits in general. I did fudge a bit with the gauge, but after spending a week swatching I was ready to start!

On that note, I went to the gym last night and tonight, to the detriment of my sleep, and the gym scale now says I weigh 1 1/2 lbs. less than it said I did the last time I weighed myself, so I’m happy. I was going to knit on the cross country machine but yesterday I spent 20 min. programming my iPod and today I spent 35 min. reading trashy magazines. What can I say, the time goes quickly when you’re reading about who’s pregnant, how someone is dieting, and who’s divorcing.

That reminds me of my favorite star sighting so far. We were in Santa Monica visiting my MIL and DL was maybe 2. We were waiting in line at the Broadway Deli and DL was being difficult, so I said “Look at how good that little girl is being …” Little did I know it was Reese Witherspoon and her daughter! She either tuned me out or didn’t hear me, and I didn’t mean to harass her or anything, but I honestly didn’t know it wasn’t just some kid who was the same age as DL. I think that was the time that George Carlin or an impersonator was just standing around on the street outside the restaurant.


2 Responses to “112330667136185137”

  1. August 6, 2005 at 10:53 pm

    good job on going to the gym. One day my ass well drag the rest of my body back to that (evil) place.
    As for cheeting on the black sheep knit-along, i say : no way! (but of course, if you want to start the tivoli, I can change my answer to yes)
    I love the colors on your corset. Sounds like you might be a black and/or red fan, but try the colors. It will be very pretty. (I love funky colors though)
    Oh yeah, and as for the buttomholes, I plan to sew my corset shut anyway (could not be bothered closing them every time). you could do something similar, turn it into more of a tank top. that way you can just attach the buttons without having to cut button holes.
    (if I don’t make sense, it’s the wine …)
    good luck on the knitting front, all projects!

  2. August 7, 2005 at 10:13 am

    Thanks! I do love the Noro colors and it’s fun to see them show up while you’re knitting.

    I don’t think I’ll sew it shut, but I’m definitely not going back for the buttonholes. I’ve spent way too much time knitting to go back now!

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