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What a day. From taking IM to the doctor and having to take him straight on to the hospital to get blood drawn (he is only 11 mos. so it was scary, but he just has a low iron level, he’s fine) to listening to Air America all day and being incredibly depressed about the disaster in New Orleans and what we may have been able to do to prepare and perhaps lessen the impact. My heart goes out to the millions of people affected by this tragedy. I’ve been to New Orleans twice and loved it. I can’t believe it may never exist again. It’s kind of like having gone to the World Trade Center and then September 11 happening and knowing you can never go back.

On a lighter note, I had some knitting time today. I tried to move ahead on my Soleil at the doctor’s office but then I realized I had screwed up within the first twenty stitches so now I’m backing off to fix it. Shannon was right, I do know the lace pattern now, though, so I can sort of do it by memory.

Mostly, I’ve been interested in my Raglan Tansy Tee (in fact, my Silk Corset has disappeared, and I was thinking about bringing it out today!). So far I think the stripes with the black Classic Elite Venue and the black with blue Filatura di Crosa Clips will work out nicely. Right now I’m reattached to the cone, so it’s not an easily transferable project, but I try.



It was another one of those days:

And what a surprise! Sure, I’ve bought more yarn recently, but I swear, I’m just giving a good home to other people’s yarn! Caitlyn had some extra Cotton Ease and I only have 4 skeins of Cherry Red Cotton Ease to begin with. It’s discontinued you know:

Then I rescued some poor yarn from Yahaira. Don’t worry, I won’t tell the yarn you abandoned it!

I got my first magazine from my Knit N Style subscription (I wanted to try out all the knitting magazines, and I got points from which at some point will add up to a Starbuck’s card or something). And finally, the only yarn I purchased new [that I received today: I think I have two outstanding orders]:

It’s some cotton yarn (a mini-cone compared to my other one) that is marked Crystal Palace on the inside, but I didn’t find any record of it on the Crystal Palace website. I seriously blame my sleep deprivation of late (you’d think that a 1 and 2 1/2 year old would sleep, wouldn’t you? Not mine.) for all the yarn ordering. I’m delirious. I really hope it stops soon. How did people amass large yarn stashes without the Internet? Maybe that would be a good paper topic, since I am back in school.

I am, for the fourth time, taking Media Ethics, this time taught by a former classmate, Bill, who is a lawyer in the communications/media type field so is a really good choice to teach this class. The other two teachers are not as good, definitely, and maybe not as well prepared, even though one of them is also a lawyer. Sorry, “attorney”. I think this one will be interesting, even if I have to race from home to drop off IM at my MIL’s, run to class, run back to the car, pick up OR at school and pick up IM at my MIL’s every Tuesday until December. I am finally in the home stretch — the last three classes in my fourth year in a one year program.

So, back to knitting. As you know, I re-cast on for Soleil. Not much progress there:

and I am now working on my Raglan Tansy Tee. It is supposed to be striped, and I was just going to knit it straight, but since I have so much other yarn I figured I might see what else I can get gauge with. Right now the favorite (without having figured gauge in yet) looks wise is my Filatura di Crosa Clips. I’ll be doing gaugeing soon.



When in doubt, start a new project, right? As I was restarting Soleil for the third time (and for those counting, I restarted the Silk Corset 3 times also), I remembered that I had matched the Classic Elite Venue gauge to another project, the Raglan Tansy Tee from Cast On, Spring 2005 (the cover pattern, to those who attended TKGA and got a free copy). So what the hell, I started.

That gets me from, what 2, 3 projects back up to 5 or so. I suppose I could count them (for myself, I’m sure you’re saying “Put up a list on the sidebar and be done with it!”):

Dad’s Father’s Day tie (will I ever knit this again? probably not.) in Koigu
IM’s Baby Blanket in Lion Brand Microspun
A Good Bias in Knit Picks Shine
Silk Corset in Noro Silk Garden
Soleil in Classic Elite Venue
Raglan Tansy Tee in Classic Elite Venue

That’s not too many, right? Especially since two are in the beginning stages, three are in the middle and one is near the end. I keep looking at the Stashbusters buttons when I come across them and really want to join, but then the notes say it’s only until June, and June has come and gone! Maybe Stashbusters 2: Electric Boogaloo will start and I’ll be at a state to join. Or I could create another failed knitalong attempt: [insert cute pun relating to finishing unfinished objects here].



I am going to scream. I have been working on my Soleil for over a week, lugging the damn cone of yarn around, and damned if I don’t think that I twisted the yarn when I was joining it into a round **again**!!!! I know I checked it when I first recast on and it didn’t seem to have a problem but now all of a sudden it is twisted! Is it possible that it twisted while I was knitting?! No obnoxious comments, please, I’m pissed off enough.

Not to mention that every time I look at someone else’s blog they are finished with one or more projects every day. I can’t even finish a project in a week!



Okay, okay, since BR is at work (got to love those software companies), here is a picture of my Nuit in progress:

I just got past the lace border. I don’t know if I’ll know for sure, but having tons of work (I can only work when the kids are in bed, usually) definitely keeps me from knitting but also keeps me from being able to overeat too much. At least I hope.

So I was on the Little Knits website, “just browsing” (yeah, right) and found that they still have information on the cone I bought from them. According to the listing, my cone has about 1650 yards of Classic Elite Venue. Soleil takes approximately 575 yards. So that is, what, 2.8 Soleils on one cone. (See, I can do basic math!) That’s a lot of Soleils!

The good news for me is that since I started the Silk Corset, which requires approximately 650 yards of yarn, I have not only been shopping for yarn that would make a nice silk corset (even though I am making it with Silk Garden out of my stash), but I always unintentionally buy enough yardage to make another Silk Corset. So since Soleil has a similar yardage requirement to the Silk Corset, when I’m buying enough yarn for the Silk Corset, I will probably have enough yarn for Soleil, and therefore probably have enough yarn for a standard project. When I was a yarn buying virgin (thanks to Shannon for the colorful term) I had no idea how much yarn to buy for a project. So I ended up with 3 skeins of lots of stuff, and nowhere near enough for a project. I may not be up with the Bunny Ranch yarn buyers but getting more experienced. (Yes, I have HBO and I’m not afraid to watch it!)



Still plugging away at my Nuit (Soleil). Unfortunately today I had more work to do so I couldn’t do much knitting much less carry the cone around just in case. BR thought I was crazy and said so last weekend when I brought the cone with us to the grocery store and park but I’ve learned my lesson — always have knitting with you because you never know when you’ll have the chance to do some! Since I started my gauge project I’ve been carrying around single balls of yarn to do gauge swatches of as well. So far no more matches, though.

Here’s an update on my yarn buying habit:’

1) No news from There is a thread going on about this website on Knitters’ Review — to quote Adam Sandler, it’s information that might have been helpful *yesterday*! I had no idea this company doesn’t necessarily stock items, it special orders them when you order. And I only saved $5 for the priviledge because shipping was so high. (Actually, the KR thread said that shipping costs are sometimes wrong anyway, so maybe I’ll get lucky.) Luckily it was an impulse purchase, I don’t necessarily need the yarn anytime soon, but even then I am uncomfortable with this type of transaction.

2) My 3rd black cone has been shipped from Now I’ve really got to get Soleil (or three, or five of them) done so I can start on my 2nd cone!

3) I have 10 skeins of Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool on the way, well I paid for them today, off Ebay. Another Silk Corset? We’ll see. I haven’t even finished the first. I do think I’m going to pick it up again when I’m done with the lace part of Soleil.

4) I also have some Noro Shinano on the way that I ordered from Ebay. Here I am saying I hate Ebay and yet I’m their biggest customer! (Not by a longshot.) I am mad though that none of my stuff sells when I list it. To quote Unrest: “They still get paid when you die” — I stil have to pay for the listing even though it didn’t sell. That’s how they get you.

5) I’m also awaiting one size 5 circular needle, cost $1. If only my Denise set’s size 5 hadn’t snapped in half, I wouldn’t have even considered buying a new one.

and finally, the biggest news of all, which ties into the previous list because you know I’m waiting for a lot of yarn — I got a package today and was totally expecting it to be the Vogue Knitting magazines I traded my Debbie Bliss Special Knits for, especially since I didn’t recognize the address.

Who knew — it was my beloved Secret Pal! She moved in the past month, so I didn’t recognize even the city. I know, I really need some pictures but I’m so tired, they’ll have to wait. Suffice it to say she sent me more beading supplies (yeah!) and a copy of Cat Bordhi’s Second Magical Treasury of Knitting (sorry, I can’t remember the name exactly …). I just have to make the kitty cradle. If only BR wasn’t allergic to cats. Maybe I’ll make one for my parents’ cat! Thank you so much Secret Pal! I hope your move went well!

P.S. The person I’m spoiling is none other than Lena. Hi Lena!



I am so tired. IM woke up at midnight, just as I was getting to bed after working, uh, surfing the knitting blogs. Then he proceeds to refuse to sleep until 2:30 am! Miraculously he didn’t wake back up until 6:30 unlike his usual 4-5 am so I wasn’t a total basket case today, but it’s still hard. And you just shouldn’t be up at 2:30 after having no sleep for a period of 2 weeks to five years, because you end up buying yet another cone of black yarn! It’s all Knitter’s Review’s fault, giving us a list of cheap yarn online. So at some point I’ll be the proud owner of some Crystal Palace yarn I couldn’t find online, but it seemed pretty cheap and it’s black, why not.

Knitting is just everywhere. Today we were out shopping at Trader Joe’s (you haven’t lived until you’ve had two kids each driving one of those kid sized shopping carts in a really small store that’s crowded with narrow aisles) and I notice in the car next to me a knitting book. It wasn’t obviously a knitting book, but I was looking because it sort of looked like it could be. Then I realize it’s sitting right on top of a Vogue Knitting magazine! Duh. Of course this was a responsible driver and/or not dedicated knitter because they didn’t have any knitting in the passenger seat for stop lights.

And we have gone to two different Michael’s in the past two days because my MIL saves me her 40% off coupons and I really need some circular needles. (No, my Denise and Needlemaster systems aren’t enough.) But of course they don’t sell anything smaller than a size 7 in a circular needle. I was so mad! So I’ve decided if there aren’t any knitting magazines to buy at Michael’s then I’m going to be collecting “Ebony” (black) Microspun with my future 40% off coupons. I like knitting with Microspun, it’s really soft, it’s washable and it’s black (or red, IM’s baby blanket is in red Microspun. I’d get more red, but then I’d feel like I should make his blanket longer and I’m just done knitting on that project.) Can’t have enough black yarn.


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