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I really wanted to post earlier but I got addicted to the Knitters Review Forums. I finally got my second star!

Today I’ve been working on my Silk Corset. I did some knitting on my walk to the dentist (remember, it’s at the mall, more multitasking!), then realized yet again that I had screwed up and was off by _one stitch_ so I had to start over again. I checked with the KAL and found out that I was reading the charts wrong (the charts for A Good Bias were great, they had the row numbers where you needed to start, so the number 1 was on the right side and number 2 was on the left side, and so on, so I knew how to read the charts). Scarily enough I wasn’t even following the charts, I was actually following the written instructions and double-checking by the charts. So I got stuck on the wording and was backing up my incorrect translation of the wording with my backwards reading of the charts. After some help, I’m on the right track and have made it all the way to row _3_!!! By my calculations, I’ll be done by sometime next year.

(P.S. More yarn came in the mail. I’m beginning to feel like those people you see on TV who get their first credit card and order as much as the company will let them. And I am definitely at a “Why in the hell did I order this?” point. I was going to take pictures but BR is home now and will think I’m crazy and I was too busy watching “Six Feet Under” — it was finally not quite so depressing, you can tell it’s ending — to take pictures before he came home. So the pictures will come tomorrow.)



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