So I was going to take a picture of my Silk Corset (all 3 rows of it) with the Noro Spring Garden, but then BR kicked me off the computer (he’s got to play his Civilization 3 you know) so I’m stuck with the photos I’ve already downloaded to Flickr. So, I’ll put up the yarn at least. I’m starting to photograph my stash (for insurance purposes, of course 😉 ) so I’ve got a few in my flickr account (elspethm).

It is _hot_ this weekend! Yes, I know it’s summer and most people expect it to be hot, but I live in the Bay Area, and we don’t get too hot too often. Hence the fact that no one has air conditioning. But there is usually about a week a year that we are miserable and without air conditioning. Yesterday was, what, 95? Here in the SF Peninsula we have pretty good weather, where it got well into the 100s more inland. Today we were expecting as much, and after a lovely breakfast with Shannon and Ben, we decided to go to our natural air conditioning, San Francisco, and the Zoo. We were hot here and when we got to the Zoo it was 70! We were all scrambling for jackets and such. And one other thing I like about the drive to SF — knitting time! So I got to do some work on my Silk Corset. I’m still hoping to get farther than the 2nd row, but we’ll see. I keep screwing up the lace (sense a trend here?).


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  1. July 25, 2005 at 11:08 am

    Put a lifeline after EVERY row if thats what it takes. Honest. Then you will get with the swing of things. Double the work, but without the headache of recasting on a billion times.

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