More yarn! I just got back from the TKGA Fiber Arts Market in Oakland, and with my subscription to InKnitters, I got 6 back issues, as well as my free copy of Cast On (I’m not only collecting yarn, but magazines and books recently). I didn’t find too much in the way of yarn that I couldn’t find anywhere else, but I did buy some interesting yarn from a somewhat local company (well, Anaheim, where Disneyland is, which is, what 6-8 hours drive?), Newton’s. It was an interesting math project because they price their yarns by the pound, and each yarn had a yardage per pound label as well as how much of a pound they were. I got about 625 yards of “Feltting Wool”, sort of a DK or smaller weight natural colored yarn. I guess I’m not done with Kool-Ade dyeing yet because I bought that color so I could dye it myself, and I didn’t like the colors they already had. I also got some really interesting “Jersey 100% Rayon”, about 250 yards in a dark red. It feels sort of like a bumpy polyester suit you’d find at the thrift store. I just had to have it because it was so interesting.

Speaking of which, Habu Textiles had a booth which I thought was so cool. I already bought some of their Shoshenshi Paper (linen) yarn from Knitpixie and it was interesting to see it knitted up into a swatch and the other really cool (and expensive) yarns they had. It did save me a trip to NYC to see their store. Plus I got a very exciting trip over to Oakland! At least the string of robberies near Lake Merritt has stopped as far as I know. I grew up in D.C. but I haven’t lived in the city (much less a less safe one) for about 10 years so it’s always interesting for me to go back. I could have done without the heatwave that started as I was inside shopping.

This is not to badmouth Oakland or any city. In fact we are planning on moving back to San Francisco (assuming we can afford anything) when DL gets to be a teenager. (He’s 5 now.) I sure miss the cooler weather there today.

P.S. Since I’m too lazy to go to the other computer, here’s a picture I can access from this computer: IM at his playgroup yesterday!


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