My stash = medium size and growing! I assessed it at about 90 skeins a week and a half ago, and since then I have allotted the rest of my Rowan Cork (originally 5 skeins) to my Minisweater #1, and my Rowan DK Marl (3 skeins) to my minisweater #2. So that’s down to approximately 87 skeins.

First I place an order from Full Thread Ahead, a new yarn shop in the Bay Area, for 2 skeins (I hope) of Prism’s Bon Bon Lipstick (obviously a red variegated) and 7 skeins of SWTC Beyond Red.

Then Friday night I can’t sleep and of course head to Ebay (I know there are many people who are addicted but I only go there rarely and to buy yarn.) and bid on some Lion Brand Cotton Ease (red, to add to the 4 skeins I already have) and some remnants of Mountain Colors. We’ll see how those bids end up.

And yesterday I noticed that Jody is doing a stash reduction and has some gorgeous Noro Silk Garden to de-stash, but of course I missed the red variegated so I was really sad! Maybe after some good vibes from me, Jody adds some more Noro Silk Garden and Donegal Tweed which I decide I have to have.

So all in all, if I get everything, will that bring me to, maybe 120? Still small in the realm of stashes, but good enough for me! I’d better get to work on those Minisweaters so I can start working on my new stash!

P.S. I forgot something — just as last year I was thwarted in my attempt to stash enhance at Fengari when we went to Easter brunch, today we were within walking distance of my favorite Bay Area yarn store (well, yarn store that sells commercial yarn, not counting Artfibers that makes their own), ImagiKnit , and they were _closed_! Why am I always out travelling on holidays?!


2 Responses to “112049777668440748”

  1. July 4, 2005 at 12:49 pm

    Yep, 2 skeins of the bon bon in lipstick are already in a bag with your name on it! Along with the beyond in red, of course

  2. July 5, 2005 at 11:14 am

    Have you looked in Tuesday Morning for Cotton Ease? I hear that they have a ton. I haven’t been in a TM in CA yet, so I can’t verify.

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