I’m well on my way with my minisweaters. After approximately three hours of travel/knitting time to and from our lunch at French Laundry, I got through some of the increases, before the sleeves are separated from the body. If you’ve never heard of French Laundry, it’s Thomas Keller’s restaurant near Napa. We had a birthday party for a friend there, and our “9 course” 4 1/2 hour lunch consisted of maybe 15 courses. I’m not a vegetarian, but if you go, you should get the vegetarian meal. I did it because I hate seafood and it was totally worth it. (They substituted the vegetarian food for the seafood for me.) The homegrown vegetables were amazing as well as the presentation was much more dramatic for me rather than my friends who had the standard chef’s tasting menu. All in all it was a great experience. _And_ I got a break from my full time job — raising the kids. (And some knitting.)

Actually, I was trying to knit at the gym last night but I got stuck on the part of the pattern that says to increase only the sleeves, without explaining which part of the knitting was the sleeves and which was the body. Never having knit a top-down raglan I had no idea and had to ask whoever I could which were the sleeves and which were the body. I was very surprised that it was body PM sleeve PM body PM sleeve PM body, but at least I could move on. Hopefully I can get farther on either tonight but I am so tired after all that eating, drinking and riding, who knows.


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  1. July 3, 2005 at 11:25 pm

    I’ve always wanted to go to French Laundry. Maybe I can get DH there someday. I’m glad you enjoyed it and got knitting done!

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