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turbo charged
You are “turbo” charged.
Fast moving and classy, you get things done with
power and grace. Your expensive tastes can be
deceiving, since what you really value is
quality and efficiency. As you’re careening
around those corners in life, finishing a dozen
knitted objects each month, stop and smell the
roses. Don’t miss the beauty of process!

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So I was all excited about telling you about my new way to exercise and knit at the same time, but of course I’m just back from the gym, where the scale says I’ve gained _more_ weight. How does that happen? (Yes, I have a rough idea how it happens.) You know I walked in the AidsWalk a couple of weeks ago, I am trying to eat less, knit, I mean, exercise more, and now this.

You’ll be happy to hear that no, I didn’t walk out in disgust, and even though I didn’t bring any knitting with me (my Silk Corset is too detailed to do while exercising, and for some reason I didn’t have a backup easy project in the car), I did manage to exercise on the cross country machine for 30 minutes. I’ll take it. Now if I can convince BR to let me go to Weight Watchers tomorrow, I can double check. Unfortunately, the gym scale was right last time when it told me I had gained 4 lbs. in 2 mos.

Anyway, it was about bedtime tonight (for the kids, of course, I’m still up now), and DL has been harassing us to let him use his bike which I always ignore. After reading an article in Family Circle about how to get more exercise in your day (nothing I hadn’t heard before), I was motivated to walk and motivated to finally allow DL to do so. So before bed I walked around the block (about 1/2 mile) and got a couple of rows done on my Silk Corset, while DL biked. It was actually harder than I expected, because he was fast and I almost had to run to keep up with him. Now I’m busy learning the I-Cord Bind Off and I-Cord Cast On, so I have to do my knitting by itself. Very difficult for a born multitasker.



I’m getting lots of knitting done today. I’m ashamed to say I sat through two drive-thrus for two different fast food restaurants today (the McDonald’s fruit and walnut salad is really good!) during lunch time so I had lots of time to work on my Silk Corset. Row 15 and counting …

I swear I thought up this post before reading Jody’s excellent ode to knitting in the car (“KOTR”). Starting in September I’ll have to pick up two kids at two different times and I have to have some knitting around for all the waiting, otherwise I’ll never get anything done! If I could bring my Father’s Day tie in the car (I can’t because it’s on dpns) I would be done by now!



So far, so good. I am up to row _10_ of my Silk Corset, and that’s great considering it was slow going and I don’t get much time to knit detailed objects. (I have lots of straight knit stitching time, though.) It looks great and I wish I wasn’t exhausted or I’d stay up and knit.

When I wasn’t ignoring my kids to work on my knitting, I was working on my Minisweater #1, also known as yet another untangling project. How do I end up with such knotted yarn? I’m not looking forward to another evening of untangling so I can potentially finish this project and use up the Rowan Cork I have been trying to get rid of for almost 2 years.

I also had a quick “break” today (that is, my friend took DL to her house so I only had _2_ boys with me), and dragged OR and IM to JoAnn’s. I’m so mad that I really got into knitting after I moved because we used to live up the street from JoAnn’s. Sure it’s not the highest quality, but if you need a knitting project, you need a knitting project! Plus it has gotten much better since we moved. To be fair, we do now live within walking distance to Michael’s, but instead of 3 blocks it’s more like 2 miles.

Anyway, I just loved it! They had much better (well, different, and better in some ways) beading supplies than Michael’s, and I stopped in the button department on the way out (with OR chanting “All done, knitting”, trying to get me out the door). I didn’t have much time to look and I had to remember the colors in my Noro Spring Garden but I ended up with a bag of blue buttons, and if none fit my Silk Corset I can always go back, but at least I might be able to finish it without another trip. But I am definitely going back to JoAnn’s soon. Discount yarn and discount shoes (Shoe Pavilion) in the same shopping center. Sounds good.



Boy do I hate to jinx things but I had a problem with my Silk Corset and was really depressed that I just couldn’t get it together, and so I got back into Minisweater #1 yesterday (I tried it on and had to add some increase rows, which is also where I am on Minisweater #2), so here is an update on that progress:

Then this afternoon I decided to bite the bullet and started pulling the Silk Corset back stitch by stitch, then I decided &()&_%%$#$ it, I’m just going to be off one stitch (or is it two stitches?). So I started up knitting again and so far the decorative “vertical double decreases” are matching up. The ball of yarn and my progress don’t do it justice, but the Noro Spring Garden I’m using is so gorgeous. It is a mixture of purple, blue, gray and maybe some silver and gold. (Actually, there is a picture of it in my stash.) So here I am, all the way to row 7:



So much to say today! I love Tuesdays. It’s my knitting night (also known as “my only break for the week”), and for the summer my MIL is taking DL and OR to swimming lessons so I only have to deal with the baby. Today we went to Michael’s and bought beading stuff (not pliers, though, and I should have), then I ruined my diet (what diet?) by going to Mollie Stone’s for a chocolate muffin. At least I consider them dessert. My favorite comedian, Jim Gaffigan, has a whole diatribe about muffins and cake, and I totally agree. (And I love them both, when they’re fresh.)

I should be knitting, but instead obviously I’ve been documenting my purchases of late.


S… Micro

S… Micro
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My most unfavorite yarn I’ve bought recently. It is _not_ red, but burgundy and not a good color. Maybe I can make something for someone out of it.


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