So.much.work.so.little.time. Yet I did get some work on my OSW done today. After all, since I’m a full-time mom I have to spend at least 3 hours a day at the park. And one of my “friends” (I also like to think of them as “coworkers”.) was asking when I would get my nap when I left. It was quite condescending and annoying. Sure, she only has one kid and he’s 5 so she doesn’t know what it’s like to deal with three by yourself (see ea_spouse for more information, not that I am badmouthing any particular company, most software companies are similar in my experience) but she didn’t need to be obnoxious.

Anyway, my boss is out of town so I have been slacking on my work but now it’s due and of course my mom’s in charge of her company now so I have work with them. At least my own real estate classes are done. Now all I have to do with that is apply for the licensing exam, take the exam, pay the fees, start a corporation, etc., etc.)

All of this being partially because I have been too busy knitting to work! Last night I brought out IM’s blanket and today I finished the second sleeve of my OSW and am busy picking up the stitches for my border, then I’ll be done. I’m thinking, though, that I’d rather do some finishing than have to pick up so many stitches, but oh well.

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