What a day. I did get some yarn for my SP finally (notice that I said “for”, not “from”). I don’t want to complain too much but I am very depressed because I (don’t think I have) haven’t heard from my SP. But the person I’m spoiling (I wish I could think of a better term, like the opposite of “my secret pal” being, what, “the person to whom I am a secret pal”?) seems very nice and interesting. Anyway, I have a package all ready for her and was about to go to the post office but my kids are playing too well at home. Go figure! It’s pretty cute when your 5 year old is singing the Teletubbies theme and your 2 year old is trying to sing along (he doesn’t talk that well but I get the idea).

Then for the equally depressing news — just after Stitches West I made way too many Ebay yarn purchases. One of which was 8 skeins of Brown Sheep wool in a creme which I have no idea what I thought I would do with, so it was a total waste even before I got it home and realized that it stank of mothballs! My wonderful knitting group had some suggestions of what to do to get rid of the mothball smell (leave them outside to air out; wash them and reball) but I was busy with my Mother’s Day projects and I ignored them until now. I just decided I could use those 8 skeins to test my hand at Kool-Aid dyeing. So I knit up a swatch that looked beautful, if I do say so myself, in a lace rib pattern and today I decide to wash it and otherwise follow the steps on the Knitty article about Kool-Aid dyeing. I was so gung ho that I almost bought the book “Yarns to Dye For” and got all into dyening before I even attempted it.

This morning I started the washing process of the swatch. The swatch itself didn’t smell at all. So I start washing it using dish soap and all of a sudden the mothball molecules were released I guess (Hey, I just realized my MIL is an art conservator, which means she has a degree in chemistry, maybe she can help? Duh!) and the swatch started to stink to high heaven. Actually, my kitchen started to stink. I tried washing it out a couple of times but it just smelled worse and worse. It’s now drying outside, using the two suggestions I had of washing and airing out, but whenever I pick it up it just stinks.

I did find the Paypal receipt for the payment of this yarn and I did email the seller but it’s been 3 mos. and I’m sure I won’t hear back from her (?). So I’m out $45 and have all of this stinky yarn and nothing to do with it. Also, after having nursed 3 kids I do feel for animals and not wanting to waste the hair they spent so much time growing (!). Okay, the analogy works much better with milk and cows.

I got some more mothball suggestions today: Febreze, put them in a box with dryer sheets, put them in a box with lavender, etc. Anyone else have any suggestions on what to do with severly mothball infused wool/mohair?


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