I really wanted to keep up with OR’s new words since he has just really started talking (at about 2 years) but of course I get so fixated and distracted by knitting (I had to put down the sweater I am trying to knit in order to get him lunch and write this!) that I keep forgetting. So many [knitting] blogs, so little time. (Yes, I like brackets and parentheses.)

Anyway, today OR comes up to my still pregnant looking (damn!) stomach and goes “tummy”! It took him awhie to come up with body parts (he was focusing on animal noises) but now he’s definitely gotten the hang of it. DL and I are always quizzing him on which body part is what and who it belongs to. And which animal makes what noises. He still says “Nie” (as in the knights who say …) for “Neigh” but it’s changing so I’ve really got to get that on video.

Then I ask him if he wants lunch and he goes to the kitchen and goes “sushi”! I guess he’s preparing to join DL at his Japanese Montessori school next year. And I just happen to have sushi for him, even though I don’t eat it. I’m really glad my kids are less picky eaters than I am.

Also, this morning when I was on the couch, OR goes “sit down” very clearly. Of course I was in his way.


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