Here’s some kid stuff. (Just the stuff putting a wrench in the rest of my plans this week.) We have an interview for DS2 to attend DS1’s school on Wednesday, and so I want to please them so they make sure and take him but of course March is the worst month. They have 3 days off, plus a half day Friday, plus a week for Spring Break.

So DS1 just turned 5 and even though he hasn’t moved up to the next division of school (they moved him into this one the second he turned 3, and even though they have this performance thing that is only for 4 year olds, they put him in it last year before he turned 4) he is still eligible for some field trip of some sort this Friday. I don’t want him to go (mostly because I don’t want him driving with some other parent — please God don’t let it be the crazy lady who was kicked out of another school and is now “selling crazy” at our school) but I hate to say no to them especially this week. Of course if I had just sent in the permission slip last week saying he wasn’t going that would be the end of it, I think. Basically what I am saying is that there are many kid things I don’t want to deal with, and they mostly involve school and friends and such, but of course being the mom, I have to deal with them. I like to think that even if I were working full time I would have to deal with them, but maybe not. DH does say that things would be harder if I were working full time, and that things will be interesting when I do go back to work. Although I fully expect to have to have a job that will fit around their school schedule, I just might use that card to get out of things I really hate. We’ll see how it all turns out.

So I’m in the middle of lots of other stuff, and now have to worry about DS1 driving with some other parent to wherever this dance thing they are seeing is. And I have two more sons to have to go through this with. Can’t wait.


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