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My t-shirt cake (it tasted much better than it looks, and that icing is hard to decorate with!)
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So we have survived one of us getting older, our move into the 21st century (I got an Ipod for my birthday), and Easter brunch. Like having two birthdays in a row wasn’t hard enough, going to a huge brunch where they had (among other things) handmade chocolates wasn’t great for my waistline. And Weight Watchers is closed today! Oh well.

Now I’m making a birthday cake (t-shirt shaped thanks to a recent Ebay purchase) and it’s only going to get worse.

I didn’t even get to go to the gym on my birthday! I had to go out and play Easter Bunny even though my 5 year old insists “It’s just a guy in a suit.”



I’m depressed, even though I had a pretty good morning. None of my brilliant knitting ideas worked out so I feel like I’ve wasted about a month, and even though I have so many projects in the works, they all fizzled out too. I’m only actively working on my baby blanket, with the tie put on hold (it is just so boring to knit about 12 stitches in the round, well, back and forth, which is even more boring for 26 inches or so). And I’m not motivated to start any new ones.

Also, my baby isn’t a baby anymore. I gave away his infant carrier and so now he’s in an upright carseat that takes over the whole car. And he’s only 6 mos. old! Can you imagine how upset I’m going to be to permanently turn the carseat around front-facing? On some level I envy the people who are just starting out as moms, but I’m glad I did it “early” (before the age you have to get amniocentesis) and not starting out right now. Can you believe I actually said to myself “and I’m going to be 100 tomorrow …” Even my grandfather isn’t 100 yet! (He’s almost 93 😉 )

Oh well, I’ve got a trip to Hobee’s tomorrow and then the big Easter brunch, then DH is taking the day off and we’ll do some family thing for DS2’s birthday on Monday. If I’m lucky DH will get home before midnight some day soon and I can go to the gym!



I can’t wait until Friday night! I’m finally a gym member again after 11 years, but of course with the kids I have to wait until I”m able to find a babysitter. So hopefully from now on I’ll be at the gym every Friday and Saturday nights! I really need it after the many pounds I put on with my last one.

I wonder if I can knit while I’m working out? I’ll definitely bring something with me to try. Although that screams a simple knitting project so I just might have to cast on a new one 😉

Also on the schedule for this weekend is a fancy schmancy brunch at the Ritz in Half Moon Bay. They have a really cool Easter brunch, with a petting zoo, egg hunt and the Easter Bunny. The kids loved it last year, so hopefully it will go as well this year.

That, and I and DS2 get a year older.



So I still don’t get the obsession with Knitty’s “Clapotis” — it seems like everyone out there is knitting this scarf/shawl, except me. I have, however, succumbed to the peer pressure and just ordered The Girl from Auntie’s “Rogue” pattern. It is a really beautiful hooded pullover with a cable design on the sleeves and hood. I’ve seen two bloggers that have finished it and I can’t wait to do it. Not that I’ve done more than 2 or 3 repeats on a cable pattern before, but I hope I can still do it.

Not to mention I just bought a few patterns from “Iknitiative” and “Knitability” so I’d better do them too. So many patterns, so little yarn, time and/or hand strength (I type a lot and have repetitive strain injury as well).

I also started the “Cuff to Cuff Jacket” from my Knitting Pattern a Day calendar. Unfortunately I don’t think I have enough scraps to do much with it for awhile. Anyone want to forward on their scraps so I can add them to my jacket?



I don’t ever want to go back to work if I have to deal with the *&^^% I had to yesterday. You know, it’s 2005, and I guess I feel like we should have full text access to every journal online. Well, we don’t. (Or at least my school doesn’t.) I got really excited when the first two articles I was looking for were full text, but after that not only were a lot of them only at the library but only on ***microfiche***!!! (What is this, 1980?)

So I trapse out to school, walk the 1/2 mile from the only parking space I can find, even on a Saturday, and head to the periodicals department. I looked for the bound volumes first, and of course the two I was most interested in were gone. Then I made a collection of microfiche to copy and went over to the machine.

It is hard to describe just how annoying this whole process was. The pages show up in such a way that you have to turn them clockwise and then adjust them from side to side to get them into the printing frame. It seems opposite of the up and down adjustment that you would normally do, so it took forever and was really frustrating getting it in the frame. Then you put in your copy card and leave it in there while you print. So if anything at all goes wrong in this process your copy card times out and the machine starts making a beeping noise until you pull the card out, then put it back in and get it set up yet again. All this to copy maybe 50 pages. I was cursing and ready to never go back to the library again.

Not to mention that I didn’t really find any article I really like.



So is it weird that I am now buying pretty much only black yarn? Different types, just mostly black. Although I will say I bought some dark blue Cascade Pastaza today but only because it was on sale. I love that yarn. I used the red for my poncho and am not quite sure what I’m going to use the blue on.

Yes, I am procrastinating on my assignment. We don’t really have much due tomorrow except a copy of the article we are going to use for our assignment for next week and I I thought I had a good one but it has to be an “academic research article” and this one is basically a summary of related laws. Academically researched, but not in the way most of the articles we are reading in class are.

Also, today (yesterday? the days are running together as they are wont to do when you don’t have a set schedule) I joined Laura’s “Health Group” (see “Poor Miss Finch” on the left


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