I am so ’80s. Last night we went to see my favorite comedian, Jim Gaffigan. Now as it was pointed out to me by BR, I love comedians and it is surprising I haven’t gone to more shows. Actually, I’ve only been to one other live comedy show, in D.C., and the comedian brought me up on stage. It was weird.

But last night we went to the [world famous?] Punchline, San Francisco. It has been around for 25 years so I half expected a brick wall background but did not find one. There was a 2 drink minimum, and we were seated at 2 of the 4 seats at the front row table. After checking out the crowd, which really didn’t differ much from an ’80s crowd, I’m sure (and I did see at least one mullet), our seat mates were seated. They were dressed in Victorian-era costumes. I kid you not. I have seen many dress styles in my day, but never the Victorian thing, outside of the Dickens Fair, which is in December. (It’s February.) I also wouldn’t choose it for a comedy show, where they do tend to pick on you, especially in the front row.

Anyway, the opening act, Kevin (I forget his Japanese last name) was really funny, but nothing compared to Jim. It was like going to see a band where you know every song but you still want to see them. I tried not to mouth along with all the jokes.

It was a really nice evening — the kids went to bed before we left so my MIL wouldn’t freak out with 3 kids to care for, it wasn’t that far away, and it ended early. It sounds lame, I know, but I haven’t had a good night’s sleep in 5 years so I tend to enjoy getting to bed before midnight, if possible. Oh, and I’m in love with Jim Gaffigan.


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