I went to Stitches West for the first time today. I was so excited, and immediately saw another stroller so I decided to bring DS3 in his stroller. (He is really heavy — almost 19 lbs., so I didn’t relish carrying him the whole time.) This was my first mistake. Actually, my first would have been being really tired and out of it while I was there.

I just couldn’t physically get into a lot of the stores with the stroller, and since I usually buy yarn with a project in mind, it was hard for me to buy something just because it was soft or looked nice. (That being said, I do have a small stash at home.) Also, when I did find “a deal” of course the line was huge and I just couldn’t deal with sitting in it. I ran into my co-knitter Shannon who told me about the store Woolstock (in Maryland, of all places) that sold glow in the dark yarn. That ended up being my only purchase.

Of course now in the light of day (well, it’s night and the kids are asleep) I wish I had bought the purple Lamb’s Pride, the red Debbie Bliss Wool/Cotton, or some of the alpaca yarn I looked at but just looked way too small and time consuming to use. (I am struggling with Ian’s baby blanket which will take forever because it’s worstet weight yarn and a lace pattern and I suck at lace patterns.) This lack of purchasing today I think will cause me to purchase way too much yarn online — I’m on Ebay right now!

Next year DS3 will be 1 1/2 and I’ll leave him at home and fully enjoy all the yarn I can only find at a conference like that. I hope. (Maybe I’ll even fit in a class!) Or I’ll wait until my 40th birthday when I told DH I am going to take a knitting cruise or the infamous Knitter’s trip to Ireland.


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  1. February 15, 2005 at 5:35 am

    I get panicky at yarn stores…lately I’ve been buying bits of yarn here and there on the internet….eBay is good if you don’t have something too too specific in mind…and I know folks who have had very good experiences with online yarn shops…no stroller needed!
    Thank you for your well-wishes!
    Last night, inspired by you, I got out Too Much Sleep,cause I love ‘The Drum’! How exciting that you are fond of Slapp Happy, and I just discovered them sunday night! I have heard of Peter Blegvad and his father, the illustrator Erik….but not this interesting band. Yesterday I was all over the place listening to new (to me) stuff…it’s always so cool to find new bands.

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