I finally finished my baby blanket! Of course since I decided to give it to DS2 I still have to make one for DS3, and the one I’ve started is very slow going. He might be two before he gets it as well.

That, and I’d love to make the baby Aran sweater for DS3, but that isn’t going to happen anytime soon. I wonder if they have it in a 3 year old size 😉

This week (well, this month) is extra busy since it is DS1’s 5th birthday. And he’s off for Chinese New Year and his Spring Festival. When I was growing up our Headmaster was Jewish, so we got off all the Jewish and Christian holidays. (I loved it, but I’m sure my mom thought it was a pain.) Now DS1 gets all the Christian and the Chinese holidays. Go figure.

So Thursday I go to class, pick up DS2 and DS3, pick up DS1’s cake, pick up DS1, and go to the park. I invited his whole school to celebrate with us but I’m doubtful that many will come. You know how overscheduled kids are these days. And we’ll end up with a half-sheet cake. Oh darn.

Then Friday I’m off to Stitches West (well, I only have to bring one kid, DS3, this time). I haven’t been before and I think this is the first year they are in Santa Clara, so it should be interesting. I guess I don’t need to go to the yarn store this week.

And finally (for this week) I am having a tea for DS1’s birthday. When DS2 was a baby and earlier, DS1 and I used to go to tea often. Lisa’s Tea Treasures which is in Menlo Park now has a kid’s tea which is really cute. So this weekend DS1, DS3 and I (DS2 is at a hard age and we don’t take him out to eat much. Maybe this summer.) are going to tea with my MIL and her husband, our friend Erin (who has the same birthday as DS1) and hopefully a surprise guest of DS1’s best friend and his mom. It should be fun.

Then we’ve got the Spring Festival next week, my best friend visting from Virginia with her two boys, I have to go to a conference for my class (Western States Communcation Association) and DH is getting a “four day weekend”. I love how they justify giving him one day off (Friday), if he agrees to work every weekend until then. It will be nice to see him more. We’re planning a big exciting trip to lovely Sacramento one of those days to visit Rachel, who is actually going to be up there most of the time, with a brief visit down here to see me and my ex-roommate (her best friend from high school).

Way too much detail about my exciting life, I’m sure.

P.S. We have just agreed to do a group outing to The French Laundry this summer and Brad agreed to go if I am his personal shopper for the event. Anyone been there? Any idea what he has to/should wear, that is how formal he has to go? We are in Northern Calif., so I expect it shouldn’t be black tie, but who knows and he gets really paranoid if he’s underdressed in that sort of situation.


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