Way more work than I need: so my 2nd part time job seems to be working out. I’ll be transcribing informational interviews. Then if I finish up my real estate license I’ll have more work than I probably should be doing. My mom had to remind me that taking care of my kids is a lot of work too.

I’m more stressed out than I probably should be about school starting tomorrow. I guess it’s the large paper that is daunting. That, and the last time I was there I was supposed to be overweight: I was pregnant. Being short and getting older doesn’t make you more comfortable with the extra weight you can’t seem to get rid of. I’m not amused by the people who say that chasing after a toddler is keeping them thin. I have a toddler and a baby and I still find time to eat.

But I digress. I started another baby blanket last night. I still haven’t finished the other but I’m wrapping it up. I decided to give it to DS2 since I haven’t made him anything and the time has passed to have it for DS3’s birth and/or first Christmas. This one is a lacy blanket from my “Knitting Pattern a Day” calendar. (January 17th) I had wanted to start it right away and didn’t have a chance to go to my LYS and hey, Michael’s is within walking distance so we went there. I started it in Lion Brand Microspun, “Cherry Red”. I wasn’t convinced it would be wide enough but it’s getting wider so we’ll see. It will definitely take a long time since it is a lot of stitches and a lace pattern. I get annoyed with the feather and fan pattern so I just might give up on this one halfway, but for now I’m working on it.

I’m not necessarily a yarn snob, but I do find it funny that when I go to Michael’s I keep thinking that the yarn is not as cheap as you’d expect it to be, considering it’s not “the good stuff”.

2 Responses to “110738425081142522”

  1. February 5, 2005 at 5:04 pm

    Are you going to Stitches West next week? Wanna meet up?

  2. February 6, 2005 at 8:33 pm

    I might be able to go on Friday (being back in time to pick up Devon at 3:30), but I need to ask my MIL to watch Owen. I’ll check with her tomorrow.

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