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Another one bites the dust … So I was up around 2 am with DS3, and watching what I thought was just another episode of “Grounded for Life”. Bear with me, and let me set the stage a bit.

A couple of years ago, there were 3 new shows. “Grounded for Life”, “That ’80s Show” and “Undeclared”. (Or was that “Greg the Bunny”? After 3 kids, my memory is shot.) And we were blissfully happy. “Grounded for Life”, the only of these 3 or 4 to survive, was hilarious. It had all of our favorite actors: Donal Logue from “The Tao of Steve”, Kevin Corrigan from “Bandwagon”, and even Richard Riehle from “Office Space”. This show was (boo hoo) hilarious.

So Fox decides to let it go. Their loss. What do they have now, anyway, 1000 reality shows? Then the WB comes in and saves it. Hurrah! And of course it wasn’t quite as good, but still way more laughs than any other show on the dial. Even this season, which was even worse, had a great election parody. I laughed, I cried, I moved to Canada. (Figuratively.)

Fast forward to last night. (This morning, for those new moms out there.) I guess I was thinking that sure, a lot of things are happening, but tying up loose ends? The series finale? Never! I was totally in the dark even though they had a new baby, the dad came back with a girlfriend/fiancee and a baby on the way, and the daughter is off to college. Then all of a sudden a PSA: “We at the WB would like to thank “Grounded for Life” for all the laughs.” What the hell happened? Thank God for IMDB (see frame at left for more info.) to clear things up.

Yet another innovative show is gone. I almost hate to watch new shows anymore, for fear they will be replaced by “The Simple Life 4: They Lose All Their Money and Have to Move Out of the Waldorf”.

Farewell, Donal, Kevin, and Richard. See you at the [independent] movies.



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