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Another one bites the dust … So I was up around 2 am with DS3, and watching what I thought was just another episode of “Grounded for Life”. Bear with me, and let me set the stage a bit.

A couple of years ago, there were 3 new shows. “Grounded for Life”, “That ’80s Show” and “Undeclared”. (Or was that “Greg the Bunny”? After 3 kids, my memory is shot.) And we were blissfully happy. “Grounded for Life”, the only of these 3 or 4 to survive, was hilarious. It had all of our favorite actors: Donal Logue from “The Tao of Steve”, Kevin Corrigan from “Bandwagon”, and even Richard Riehle from “Office Space”. This show was (boo hoo) hilarious.

So Fox decides to let it go. Their loss. What do they have now, anyway, 1000 reality shows? Then the WB comes in and saves it. Hurrah! And of course it wasn’t quite as good, but still way more laughs than any other show on the dial. Even this season, which was even worse, had a great election parody. I laughed, I cried, I moved to Canada. (Figuratively.)

Fast forward to last night. (This morning, for those new moms out there.) I guess I was thinking that sure, a lot of things are happening, but tying up loose ends? The series finale? Never! I was totally in the dark even though they had a new baby, the dad came back with a girlfriend/fiancee and a baby on the way, and the daughter is off to college. Then all of a sudden a PSA: “We at the WB would like to thank “Grounded for Life” for all the laughs.” What the hell happened? Thank God for IMDB (see frame at left for more info.) to clear things up.

Yet another innovative show is gone. I almost hate to watch new shows anymore, for fear they will be replaced by “The Simple Life 4: They Lose All Their Money and Have to Move Out of the Waldorf”.

Farewell, Donal, Kevin, and Richard. See you at the [independent] movies.



This is not my month. Last week I had yet another car incident. Then I locked my keys in the car with all three kids outside a grocery store at night. Last night I went to meet my knitting group and left my wallet and phone at home. And DS3 was cranky so I couldn’t stay anyway. At least February is just around the corner.

The good news is that I have more work with my mom (I work part time with my mom’s company when they need me) and the new mystery job is coming along. I heard from the owner of the company and just might get some more work that I can do at home. After all, I’ll be home for another 3 years until DS3 goes to school.

I am a bit worried, though, since I start my class next Thursday and it is a research class so I know I’ll be doing a large paper. That, and 3 kids and 2 part time jobs might be hard. Not to mention DH working “all the hours”. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, so I hear.



Wow, it seems like forever since I was in school, but in reality I only took off one semester (with the summer in between). I start my class next Thursday and I’m a bit worried how I’m going to get it all in. I still have 3 more real estate classes, plus this class, 3 kids to entertain, DH working more hours, and if I’m lucky I just might have another part time job. (More to come on that if it works out.)

I’m not even sure what I’ve been doing lately. It is so hard to do anything besides the bare minimum these days since IM refuses to let me put him down. Also, many of my recent knitting projects are a bust. I am out of yarn for my baby blanket so I need to buy one more skein of each color and I’m not sure where I’m going to do that; I started the Hello Yarn poncho with “Pewter” Dale of Norway Sisik, then decided that I hated the color and don’t like the pattern after all. It was my first attempt at cabling, which wasn’t easy, and mine didn’t look too good. So I just shipped the yarn back (except for the 2 skeins I tried out with and am stuck with, since it is double stranded) and hopefully will get a refund.

I have been starting and restarting my Yarn Harlot poncho. I kept getting off on the stitches, then decided I should just do it circularly rather than have to stitch up the side at the end. I really hope I can continue from this point and not have to start yet again!



So is there something wrong with me if I’m just sitting around watching “Desperate Housewives”? (Thank God for TiVo). I don’t consider myself a housewife (since I don’t do much to care for the house), but I am sitting around knitting while my DH is working. He will agree I have a difficult job, though, taking care of 3 kids.

I brought out my dad’s Father’s Day tie from last year. I just found out he is retiring in March, so I’d better get it done by then so he can use it! Unfortunately, you knit for 56 inches, and I’m at 29! It’s size 2 needles and sock yarn so I’ll be at it awhile.



I just finished mitten #2 for my mom. They aren’t very attractive (BR said they look like oven mitts) but it’s the thought that counts, I think. I figure if anyone can overlook ugly mittens and hats, it’s your mom. I’ll post a picture, probably just in my picturetrail account, soon.

BTW, does anyone have a good link for blog/html coding? I got this template from some Blogger templates online (I bet you can tell I like old-style computer graphics and/or the ’80s), but for some reason it didn’t have a comments section and the Blogger help just isn’t helpful enough. It just seemed like everyone used the “Thisaway Rose” template.

Now back to my baby blanket. I am officially halfway done.



Whoa! Wow! Whee! These are OR’s new words.

I can’t believe it’s January 5th and I totally forgot about my Knitting Pattern a Day calendar! I’ve already found a pattern to make — the Paw Prints scarf, since DL has been harassing me about making him a scarf and he does love animals. I can’t wait for the days to pass so I can find some new patterns. I’m not looking ahead even though I am seriously tempted. By the way, already I found that one pattern can cover more than one day. I think that is false advertising!



We’re finally adults again … my MIL and her husband watched the two older kids and BR and I went to see the latest Almodovar movie, “La Mala Educacion”. I prefer his older movies (my favorite is “Laberinto de Pasiones”), but this one was definitely watchable and had a nice soundtrack. Although I will say that pedophilia isn’t all that interesting to me, especially since I have 3 boys. He did do a good job of not focusing on the younger ages of the protagonist(s) so it was easier to watch. We attempted to have dinner too, but the timing was bad and most things were closed (believe it or not on a Sunday afternoon), so we ended up at Round Table Pizza, one of my favorites.

I’m also happy to be back into my normal schedule: BR is back to work and DL is back in school so I feel like I have a bit more of a break. Of course things will change again in a few weeks when I start my class. I’m taking Seminar in Theory and Research which should be interesting, since I am already a librarian, but I had two electives left (and two required courses) and this one had the best timing. Since IM is pretty young, I don’t feel comfortable leaving him with anyone but BR and he is able to watch him in the morning and then stay at work late, so it all works out. Next year will be interesting, but OR should be in school and IM will be 1 so I’ll feel more comfortable having my MIL or someone else watch him for one day a week. It will be weird when I finish my degree, and it will be pretty close to being able to go back to work which will be another interesting transition, since I will have been home for around 7 years.


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