I had a great (well, sort of) trip to L.A. Of course we had delays both directions and I for some reason stayed at the LAX Westin Hotel (the sound of the airplanes was deafening) but otherwise a profitable trip. After going way into the valley and getting a bit lost, Ian and I were able to get to Edith Eig’s La Knitterie Parisienne. It was so cool! I think they actually filmed the DIY show “Knit One Purl Two” there, and not only was Edith Eig there but she loved DS3 and I was able to tell her that I was making her feather and fan baby blanket. I got some beautiful Gedifra Fashion Trend yarn and a couple of notions that I ended up not needing during my trip. Oh, and I was in line behind Mrs. Kotter. Whenever I go to L.A. I always have to have a star sighting, and although I would have counted Edith Eig if I had to, Marcia Strassman worked too. Actually, we drove by at least 2 stars if not 4 you might have recognized in Culver City (one was Maury Chaykin), but I couldn’t remember their names at the time.

I didn’t get much knitting done and we didn’t make it to Suss Designs or Jennifer Knits like I was hoping, but it was a fun trip altogether.

NOTE: I will never spend money in Culver City, CA again. I accidentally went through a light at the end of the cycle, got caught on camera and they charged me $350!!!! That’s all the money they are getting from me. It won’t be that hard, since Dinah’s changed their apple pancake and it’s not worth it anymore.


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  1. January 2, 2005 at 7:51 pm

    How fun! I’ve always wanted to visit Edith’s shop (my folks live in LA). Suss Design is a cool store, but she (Suss) isn’t nice at all.

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