Ponchos are weird. I finally finished my Cascade Pastaza poncho. It is as long as I thought it would be (that is, too long for me, since I am shorter than I care to admit) and hard to get on because it sticks to my clothes. Also, it makes me look fat. This is not to say I won’t ever wear it since it (to quote the movie “Better Off Dead”) “sure is _warm_”, but it’s not entirely flattering to me. And yet I am still planning on making the two other ones I like. Maybe they’ll look better on me. Or maybe I can get into the action I discovered recently — our knitting group met up with the Stitch N Bitch ™ group in the area last Thursday. Apparently one of their members has a booth at a local Farmers’ Market and had a booth at the Stanford Craft Faire. She has started adding SNB ™ members’ items to her items to sell and takes a portion of the proceeds. The ponchos were going for $70 so that would be great to receive, even if I had to give up some of it for overhead.

Also this weekend DS1 and I went to see a friend in the Foster City Community Choir. It was nice and since DS1 loves to sing I thought he would really enjoy it. Unfortunately I mentioned the “snacks” afterwards. So I thought we were having some nice quality time and he was enjoying himself but he was basically waiting for the snacks! I was reminded of the saddest “Roseanne” episode when her daughters take her out to the beauty salon and spend time with her but they just wanted permission to go to a concert. I can’t imagine doing that to my mom, and would be just as hurt as she was if my kids did that sort of thing to me. The good news is that he did really enjoy the singalong part, which I thought he would.


2 Responses to “110228760283315180”

  1. December 7, 2004 at 10:52 am

    have you tried on other ponchos? Is it this particular poncho that you don’t like or did you not try on the sample at creative hands?

  2. December 8, 2004 at 6:59 am

    What a strange and wonderful world, that there would be (at least) TWO Elspeths who liked to knit and had library leanings (I work in a law library)! I also have three boys but they are cat boys. Much smellier. I’m not so keen on ponchos either. I think they tent out over my rack too much. I prefer shawls that you can kind of wrap and wiggle around you. So nice that you found me!

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