Sure, I should be working or sleeping (especially since I am so sleep deprived these days that I have been feeling dizzy and/or lightheaded — Ariana suggests it might be anemia also, who knows), but why not spend some quality time holding a baby in my lap while I ruin my back typing?

I’m hard at work at yet another incantation of the “baby blanket that will never end”. Today I watched DIY’s “Knit One Purl Two” show again and got motivated to try the fan and feather designed blanket. Let’s see, I started out wanting to do one of those washcloth-style blankets that you start with 5 stitches and add one yarnover a row to make the blanket end up a large square. I actually made one of those for a friend as my first and only baby blanket. I made hers with Lion Brand Jiffy but of course when I was going to make one for my kid I wanted to use “the good stuff” (I haven’t seen her use the blanket and it has been pretty cold lately, so I don’t regret not using “the good stuff” for hers). There was some at one of my LYSs that I liked but I could never settle on a color. When Owen (now 19 mos.) was a baby, I really wanted a red or white blanket and could never find one. But when it came down to making a white blanket I couldn’t choose it. I didn’t really like any of the other colors in this brand.

Then I went further South to one of the other LYS here and one that only carries the “_really_ good stuff”. I bought maybe 5 skeins of this stuff because it was soft and I liked the colors, but it was really hard to knit with and _really_ expensive. So I went back and exchanged it for some Lana Grossa Due Chine. I thought it was okay, but everyone I showed it to said “Isn’t that a bit thick?” I also wasn’t too impressed with the pattern I was trying out so I ended up bringing back 5 of the 8 skeins I was able to afford by exchanging the 5 skeins I bought previously. I have since blocked out what the other brand was, but suffice it to say it was $12.95 a ball, which didn’t hold very much yarn. I would probably have needed a good 10-15 balls to make a blanket, or more.

So now I’m stuck with the 3 skeins of Lana Grossa Due Chine which I don’t really like and don’t know what to do with. I had been doing all of this in an attempt to make a blanket that I could bring Ian home and would match some outfit that he could come home in. I had also bought a couple of outfits but ended up returning them as well. Meanwhile, I had bought some Rowan Cork in “sour” (a chartreuse-type color) but not enough for a project, then bought more in another color but that project sucked. Then I realized the sour yarn matched a pair of baby pants I had and liked so I decided to use that for the baby blanket.

Then, I had to find a pattern I liked. I was trying to make the “Harlequin” baby blanket from Melanie Falick’s book but after making a number of squares and sewing them together I decided my sewing sucks. So then I decided to knit them in strips. You are supposed to put the garter opposite each other when you sew the squares together so I had decided to just make one “square” garter stitch and the next one ribbing, in an attempt to make opposite lines. It looked okay (I still am not sure about the “sour” color), but again in stitching together two strips I decided my sewing looks awful. So have some of that done, then I started a blanket with just strips of color and design (I’m into the second strip on that one, not too far.) Then just yesterday I was watching the “Knit One Purl Two” show and decided to try feather and fan. I am beginning to think I should just throw out the Rowan Cork and give up the baby blanket idea.

Does anyone else think about or just throw out yarn they thought they would like but just can’t fit it into a project? Or is it just me?

On a better note, Owen is talking much more and can count from one to four! (Yes, he watches way too much “Teletubbies”.


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