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Wow, I knew I was out of it, but this is ridiculous! In knitting news, a good friend and inspiration Sarah is moving across the country so I’ll probably be stuck on the same projects I already know until I get re-inspired. Boo hoo!

However, I still have 3 projects going: my Marc sweater from Knitty, where I have finished the back and am working on the front. I have 3 skeins of Rowan Cork “Sour” and so far haven’t even used one for this pattern, so I will have to rethink the pattern so I don’t have to buy more of the main color, “Sable”.

Before that, around Father’s Day, I started the Prepschool tie also from Knitty for my father, and of course I am nowhere near finishing it. My goal is to be done by Grandparents’ Day in September, but we’ll see. I am doing it in a nice blue-green Koigu sock yarn.

Project #3 is my cloverleaf socks. I joined the Yahoo group Six_sox_knitalong and after much confusion, got started on the pattern, but I didn’t really feel comfortable in the group (apparently my not ever doing a lace pattern before made me “stupid” or something like that) and their next project isn’t very exciting, so I’ll probably pull out both of my cloverleaf socks and make another Prepschool tie with the yarn since I love the tie so far and want one for myself.

I also had attempted to start Fuzzyfeet (yes, also from Knitty) again with some great Berrocco Hip-Hop yarn I got but the yarn is so thin in lots of places I’m not sure whether to double strand or not, so I haven’t technically started yet.

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